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Title: Forever Not Yours
Fandom: CSI: NY
Pairing: Danny Messer/Tracy Nichols (OFC)
Rating: NC-17
Author's Notes: Not exactly sure where this came from since I think Danny really needs a strong male lover. Also, I'm not Catholic and everything I know I learned from a Bible study years ago and a Catholic boy I dated in high school. If I get anything wrong with the rituals, please forgive me and feel free to let me know so I can correct it.
Summary: Danny can charm just about anyone, male or female, so what happens when he meets someone who isn't instantly taken with his Staten Island charm?

Danny's POV:

I really hate crime scenes that are outside, especially when it's raining. Only good thing about this one is that it stopped raining just as I arrived, but it does look like it's gonna start again soon. So I'm taking pictures and collecting evidence as fast as I can and still be precise. Mac'll have my balls if I let something slip my notice just because I don't wanna get wet.

What appears to be a shoeprint has gained my attention and I crouch down to take a closer look and snap a few photos. Just as I stand back up I see a homeless person duck under the tape and make his way toward the building where Stella and Hawkes are examining the body.

"Why the hell didn't one of the beat cops stop him?" I grumble moving to head him off. "Excuse me?" I say reaching out to grab his arm. When he turns to glare at me I see 'he' is a 'she'. And she has unusually blue eyes. They grab your attention and divert it away from her size which is definitely shorter and curvier than the women I'm used to being around.

"Hey, Donnie?" she calls. "You want to call this guy off." She makes it a statement almost as if she expects Flack to comply without question.

"Sure. Just as soon as you remember something," Flack replies coming to stand at my shoulder one brow raised.

"Donnieā€¦" she warns.

"Tracy," he counters earning himself a huff and one of her hands disappearing into her shirt to pull out a detective's shield at the end of a lanyard around her neck.

"Happy?" she snarls in our direction.

"Ecstatic," he deadpans.

"And you?" She turns her glare completely on me.

Blinking rapidly at the hostile tone from this woman who barely reaches my chin, I just stand there with my mouth hanging open. A nudge from Flack's elbow has me jumping a bit and saying, "Yeah, sure" a bit sharper than I intended. My tone doesn't even faze her, in fact I think it actually amuses her, if the smirk and eye roll is any indication.

"If it's alright with you, Detective Flack, I'm gonna go in there," she points to the open door to the warehouse, "and take a look at the DB." She doesn't even wait for an answer, just turns on her heel and strides into the warehouse.


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