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Title: This So Called Life
Author: [personal profile] logans_girl2001
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0
Pairing: Steve/girl!Danny
Rating: NC-17
Category: Het
Status: Complete
Archive: My website
Feedback: Yes, please.
Disclaimers: I do not own or any of the characters.
Author's Notes: Not sure where this came from. I've never even thought of doing a story where a character was the opposite gender from what we see in the source material but the opening scene came to me and wouldn't leave until I wrote it. In this one Danny has always been female.
Sequel/Series: None
Summary: Everything's pretty good in Detective Danni Williams' world: she's - slowly - coming to accept Hawaii as her home, has finally decided on a course of action against her ex in regards to Grace and is dating a great guy (who just so happens to be her boss) when an unexpected dose of reality threatens to turn it all upside down.
Warnings: Violence like on the show, language, BDSM, D/s, whipping for punishment, spanking for punishment, flogging for pleasure, and pegging.
Spoilers: All aired episodes are fair game.
Beta: I don't currently have a beta

Steve's POV:

I enter Danni's office and instantly forget why I'm there when I see what she's wearing. In the years I've known her I have rarely seen her out of what she considers her uniform for work: a pair of tailored slacks and a form-fitting button down shirt or, occasionally, a skirt that falls straight to her knees paired with either flats or a very small heel that I think she calls a kitten heel.

But today it's like my every fantasy of my girlfriend has come true. She's wearing four inch T-back stilettos that just lead the eye up her gorgeously toned legs to a mini skirt that stops no less than three inches from her knees which shows off her shapely butt to perfection. The matching blazer emphasizes her broad shoulders and reminds me that she was a gymnast in high school. She has her hair - her beautiful long blonde hair - pulled up into an intricate knot on the back of her head.

The thought of releasing all that wonderful hair from the pins she's using to keep it - mostly - contained is what I blame for the harsh way I demand "What are you wearing?"

She turns slowly to face me. "Excuse me?" Her tone is not entirely unfamiliar to me. In fact it's one I've heard at least once every day since we met.

"What. Are. You. Wearing?" I repeat much slower.

She rolls her eyes. "A skirt and heels. You've seen me in both before."

I shake my head, my gaze locked on her shapely calves, imagining her legs wrapped around my waist as I fuck her into next week. "It's been a while since you've worn a skirt. And even then you did not wear those heels with that skirt!" I step closer, catching myself before I can act on the thoughts running through my head. "I didn't even know you owed a pair of 'fuck me' heels."

She fights a smile but I can see it trying to break through. "'Fuck me' heels? Really, Steven?"

The slight laugh in her voice has me raising my eyes to meet her gaze. "What? I know what they are." I point at my chest. "Heterosexual male, here."

"Hm," she hums, then turns back to what she was doing when I entered and as she's turning away I can see a small smile. "You know perfectly well that I have court today."

"If you're going to court dressed like this-" In two strides, I'm pressed up against her back. "-then I'll give you something to think about while you're on the witness stand." Trailing just the tips of my fingers up her right thigh, I smirk at the shiver my touch chases down her spine.

When I get to the top of her thigh, I run one finger along the edge of the leg opening of her panties before caressing the crotch area. "Hm," I hum in her ear when my fingers encounter the smooth silk. "You're wearing my favorite pair of panties. Are you wearing the matching bra?" With my free hand, I pull the collar of her shirt open so I can look inside. "Oooo, look, you are." I can't help but dip my hand inside to stroke one finger along the upper swell of her left breast.

She moans my name and I don't even stop the chuckle at the fact that I can reduce her to a quivering mess with just a touch. Keeping the fact that she has to be in court soon in the back of my head, I slip my fingers into her panties and tease the folds of skin. She gasps and stiffens, trying to get me to back off with a twist of her shoulders.


"There's no one here, Danni, relax." I dip one finger between the folds to collect some of her fluid to spread around and help ease the way for my other fingers; fingers that I then slide slowly into her.

She moans at the stretch and tilts her hips, trying to take more of them in. The angle's all wrong but when I bend her over a little, it's enough for me to rub against that spot inside that makes her go crazy while rubbing circles on her clit with my thumb.

Her breathing quickly becomes ragged and I increase the pressure until she clenches around my hand and whimpers low in her throat in an effort to keep her cry of ecstasy behind her teeth.

I chuckle softly when she sags in my arms, her palms slapping down loudly on the surface of her desk. "Mother fucking bastard," she mutters, trembling slightly as she comes down from the high of her orgasm.

A pleased smile crosses my face at this proof that I can bring her to the point where she's using such coarse language. "I love how fucking responsive you are." I bury a kiss in her hair, wanting nothing more than to pull out all the pins and wrap the long locks around us both.

When I step back, I purposely rub my fingers against her upper thigh, smearing her fluid there as a way to remind her of what we just did. "When you get home tonight, I'll lick it off."

"You'll do more than that, Dog." She shoulders me back so she can turn around. "And you will not take care of that." She points at the bulge in my pants. "Am I clear?" She very lightly stamps one foot, a kind of signal for how I should answer her, as if her calling me 'Dog' wasn't enough.

I take a huge step back, stand at attention and dip my head once. "Yes, Mistress."

"Good. Now-" The ringing of her phone cuts off the rest of whatever she was going to say. Picking her phone up off her desk, she curses when she sees the name on the caller ID. "I gotta go." Stepping around me in order to exit her office, she taps, lightly, on my erection. "Get rid of that. It offends me."

"Yes, Mistress." I keep my eyes dutifully lowered instead of watching her sashay away.

Part two


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