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Notes and disclaimer in part one.
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Steve's POV:

I wake before Danni, as usual. Since I haven't been released from the scene I can't leave the bed without her permission which kinda sucks because she generally sleeps past the time I normally have already been out for a swim and a run.

But it gives me an opportunity to watch her sleep and I take full advantage by rolling to my left side and looking my fill of her. My mistress doesn't think she's as beautiful as some other women; Cath is one she compares herself to most regularly. I have tried to tell her with words and actions that I find her beyond attractive. You'd think the fact that she has to constantly get on to me for being half-hard while in her presence would clue her in that I'm telling the truth but she just can't see what I see when I look at her. Guess that old adage is true: beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

During the night she's rolled to her back, the sheet has fallen to her waist and her shirt is bunched up around her breasts. Her right hand is resting lightly on her belly as if she fell asleep mid-scratch, her left hand is curled loosely on her pillow, her head is turned in that direction which has her looking away from me and her left leg is bent at the knee with the toes of that foot tucked under her right calf.

I love the way she smells, especially after we've had sex and before she's had a chance to shower. On her weekends without Grace we tend to not bathe much; it's just a waste of water when we're just going to get all hot and sticky again before too long. Leaning down I sniff deeply along the crease of her armpit but her deodorant is too strong. So I crawl slowly over her right leg, gritting my teeth at the pull of my healing lash marks, and settle between her legs, my nose right against the thin cotton crotch of her panties.

Inhaling deeply I get a huge whiff of her essence. Just as I'm about to taste her she moans and shifts.

Her left foot is now flat on the mattress, her left hand resting low on her belly with the nail of her pinky touching the elastic of her panties, her right hand is gripping the sheets and her head is tilted back. She moans again and arches her back a little and that's when it hits me: she's having a sex dream.

I wonder if she's dreaming of me until she moans again and says, "Not like that, Boy." She only calls me 'boy' when talking about my behavior. Jealousy spikes through me that this unknown submissive is special enough for her to dream about.

"Like this." She slips her left hand into her panties and begins to finger herself. She used to let me watch her giving herself pleasure but hasn't in some months, now. I was totally unaware that she masturbates with both hands.

As I watch, her back arches sharply off the bed and she groans deep in her throat as her orgasm overtakes her. She pulls her fingers out of her pussy but not her panties. I can tell she's rubbing on her clit and is well on her way to yet another orgasm. The wet spot on her panties is calling to me so I lower my head and touch the tip of my tongue to it. She gasps and rubs the toes of her right foot along my side.

"Do it, Boy." She grabs a fistful of hair in her right hand and shoves my face between her legs. I've done this before through her panties but she didn't get off to the degree she likes so I pull back just enough to pull her panties down and off. "I said eat me!"

I wrap my hands around the outside of her thighs, putting pressure on her hips to keep her as still as possible and suck on her clit like it's a piece of candy. Her breath stutters in her chest and I know she's close, but not close enough. Releasing her left hip, I shove three fingers of my right hand into her pussy, thrusting them in and out while keeping them spread a little bit to give her something to clench down on.

I can feel the fine tremors that signal she's close so I add my pinky to my other three fingers and shove them as deep as I can while sucking extra hard on her clit. She comes for the third time in less than thirty minutes with a shout, her back arching sharply off the bed.

My dick is hard and leaking. I know I'm more than likely not going to get any relief any time soon, if at all, but can't seem to find the energy to force my erection away.

And it's a good thing, too, because no sooner do her muscles stop twitching with the aftershocks of her orgasm, than she's pulling me up her body by her grip on my hair. As soon as I'm stretched out over her, she hooks her heels under the curve of my ass and with the strength of muscles built over years as a gymnast and chasing after suspects, she pulls me in until I'm buried balls deep inside her.

She makes a noise deep in the back of her throat that I've never heard before and begins shifting her hips against me, silently telling me to move. But I can't. I'm not wearing a condom, something I've never done. Ever. Before her even hand jobs and blowjobs were done with a condom firmly in place. She said she likes the taste of come and hates the taste of even flavored condoms so prefers to not use them. Besides, I'm not allowed to come in her mouth; she always pulls off right before so that I come on her face or in her hand.

She pulls me down by her fistful of hair and nips my bottom lip. "Fuck me, Dog." I pull back so that I'm not looking at her cross-eyed and can tell by the dim light filtering in through the window that her eyes are open and heavy lidded. "Fuck me." The tone of her voice is not the one she usually uses when giving me an order; it's more like she's on the verge of begging.

But even so, I still can't seem to move. I shake my head. "I'm not wearing a condom, Mistress."

She makes that unfamiliar noise again. "You think I don't know that?"

"But…" I lose my train of thought when she leans up and licks my left earlobe into her mouth. "Ah, Mistress…"

"Fuck me, Steve." She never calls me Steve when we're playing - truly playing - like we have been so far this weekend.

"I have to protect you." This is something that has been drummed into me from the time I hit puberty: never have sex without a condom unless you want to risk a pregnancy. And we're not there, yet. Not that I don't want to be. I'd love to watch her belly grow round with my child, watch her feed it from her body but she hasn't even hinted that that's something she wants.

"I'm on The Pill, you know that."

I turn my head and look into her eyes. "Are you sure?" I have to know because right now my dick is extremely happy to be inside her without the customary latex barrier.

"Yes," she breathes the word against my lips before licking her way inside my mouth.

That one word is all I need to hear. I brace myself on my elbows with my fingers buried in her hair, holding her head still so I can suck on her tongue like I suck on her clit. My first thrust is slow but deep and pulls that noise from her again. She grips my back over my shoulder blades. The sting of her nails digging into my skin grounds me; helps me keep control so that this isn't over too soon.

Slowly, I increase the pace of my thrusts until I'm pounding away and the sound of my balls striking her flesh echoes through the room. She rips her mouth from mine, gasping and panting.

"I love you," she moans over and over.

I want to tell her that I feel the same but the words stick in my throat. They feel cheap on my tongue. I know Stan used to tell her he loves her all the time and look how that turned out. I bury my head in her neck and do my best to get her off with just my cock.

"You can come whenever you want!" The last word is shouted as she comes apart in my arms.

It's all too much, has been way beyond too much, and so it is with a shout of my own that I come deep inside a woman for the very first time.

For a really long moment that feels like eternity but is probably closer to a minute or two, I rest my head on her shoulder and pant against her sweat slick skin. As I come down from that high I'm acutely aware of a sharp pain in my shoulder. It takes a few seconds for me to realize she's bitten me. Oh, not enough to break the skin; hell, not even enough to bruise, but certainly enough to get my attention.

She brushes her lips across the indent of her teeth in apology before shoving on the top of my head. "Eat me."

I slide down her body, maintaining eye contact. When I get to where her shirt is rucked up, I suck on a bit of skin, leaving a mark. She bites her lip and allows me my indulgence for a minute before pushing on my head again. I get the message: I've been given an order and I had better obey if I don't want to be punished again.

As she pushes me down her body I brush my lips over her skin, mostly just to feel her shiver at the barely there touches, and manage to dip my tongue into her belly button. Her breath catches in her throat. I look up and see her bottom lip caught once again between her teeth; a sure sign that she's well on her way to yet another orgasm. I'm slightly surprised because I haven't really done anything, at least not anything I normally do to fuel her arousal.

She tucks her left hand under her head which has the benefit of propping it up enough for her to watch me over her heaving chest. The fingers of her right hand are still tangled in my hair and she tugs just enough to remind me that I'm lying between her legs for a reason.

I return my attention to that wonderful part of her anatomy. I brush my lips over her curls and dip my tongue between her folds, touching the tip to her clit and flicking lightly. She gasps and tries to shove my face closer while raising her hips. This is the only thing I'm truly allowed to do at my pace so I twist my head enough to remind her of that but not enough to dislodge her hand. She gives me a tiny smile and small shrug as if to say she had to try.

She's given me blanket permission to touch while performing cunnilingus which I always take full advantage of and this time is no different. I place yet another gentle kiss to her damp curls before pressing on her thighs so that her legs are spread wide and flat against the bed.

There's just enough light for me to see the bruise I sucked into her inner right thigh yesterday. With a smirk I lean down and make it bigger. She wraps her left hand around my right wrist, her nails digging into my skin. I pull back and admire my handiwork before licking her from asshole to clit.

Using the tip of my tongue I dip between her folds and into her pussy where I can taste myself mixed with her unique taste. This is certainly a first for me. I've never eaten a woman after having fucked her and I find it's something I truly like; especially after being allowed to come inside her without a condom.

As I begin to slowly fuck her with my tongue her grip on my hair relaxes until she's just resting her hand on my head. When I feel the tremors that signal she's close to the edge I switch from fucking her with my tongue to sucking on her clit. Her back arches off the bed and her breath catches in her throat as her orgasm crashes over her, leaving her trembling and panting, her right hand petting my hair.

I rest my head on her lower abdomen and close my eyes. My dick may not have gotten hard again but I feel like I climaxed right along with her. We both doze for several minutes and then she nudges me. "You asleep down there?"

I sigh and turn my head to rub my nose against the skin of her belly. "Not yet."

"You have two choices: you can go for a swim or run or I can spend the day playing with you."

I chuckle. "As if you haven't been playing with me already."

"Hm," she hums. "Not yet I haven't. So what's it gonna be?"

"What did you have in mind?"

Her smile turns evil and a shiver skates down my spine. "Does it matter? You know you'll enjoy it."

I rub my stubbled cheek against her thigh causing it to twitch. "I suppose you're right about that."

She pushes on my forehead. "Pee break."

I sit back on my heels and she swings her legs over the side of the bed and stands up. Turning my head just the tiniest bit I can watch her walk into the bathroom. I hate that she's still wearing my shirt because it hides her amazing ass.

She exits the bathroom a few minutes later. "Remember: no touching!" she says on her way out of the bedroom. "You have five minutes."

Watching her walk from the room I'm struck again by just how much I love this woman.

I can remember the day I first laid eyes on her like it was yesterday. At first all I could see was the business end of her service pistol but I could feel the Dominant in her calling to the submissive in me. Not that I knew that that was what it was.

It wasn't until after the fiasco with Nick that I figured it out. And once I did I was pissed that she didn't come to me right away. I had noticed her watching me so I figured she knew. But when she didn't show up when I expected her to it was a major blow. When she finally appeared at my door I was angry enough to fight her demands; refusing to give an inch even though every fiber of my soul was demanding I submit. And then once I went to my knees for her it was like coming home; like I had been born to kneel there and accept her Dominance and praise.

Up until that night I thought that Cath was the woman for me, that she was my type because all of the other women I've slept with have been variations of her: tall, good looking, muscular, and in the Navy. But apparently my type is a curvy, mouthy blonde cop from New Jersey.

I had a good thing going with Cath. We were never truly exclusive, even if we never slept with anyone else and yet I still didn't categorize it as friends with benefits, neither did she as far as I know. It was more like whenever we could get together we would. And since we got on better between the sheets, that's basically all we did.

But not so with Danni. Danni has challenged me from the very first and I've found that I quite enjoy it. From the moment she first pointed her gun at me and demanded I put mine down there's been something there, hanging in the air between us.

People we've encountered have taken our banter to mean we're a couple and I'm sure that's why Stan is still going on about it; that and I'm fairly sure he's jealous because she's happier with me than she ever was with him.

I know that everyone, Chin and Kono included, think Danni and I have been sleeping together almost from the first but we didn't even have our first kiss until nearly a month after we met.

It was the night of the shoot-out at the football game. She came over to my house to bitch about Stan trying to change her visitation and when I handed her a beer I just leaned in and stopped the flood of words with my lips. She tasted of the malasadas she'd had earlier and coffee; I have since learned that she always tastes of coffee. When we parted, she blinked at me for several seconds and I couldn't help but smirk because I apparently broke her. But she recovered quickly and with a hasty "I gotta go" she ran out to her car and sped away.

She didn't look me in the eyes for nearly two days. And barely spoke to me except for what was absolutely necessary. But something about going undercover as a wealthy gambler and his escort seemed to bring her back. And damn but did she look outstanding in that evening gown.

I managed to get her to talk to me about it, sort of, after the Governor forced Stan to give up his petition. She told me that as long as Cath was anywhere near the picture then there would never be a repeat of that kiss.

And considering I wanted to rip that evening gown off the second I saw it I knew I had to have a serious talk with Cath. Something I had been avoiding for far too long because being with her was easy.

And Cath, of course, beat me to it the next time she was in port. She told me it was obvious that I was developing feelings for Danni and since we'd never been more than a way to pass the time she was stepping aside. And then she smacked me upside the head and called me an idiot for not doing something about it sooner.

But that still wasn't the first time Danni and I had sex. She insisted we go slow; I figured out later it was because she was on her period and had let her birth control prescription lapse. So it was nearly six months after we met, and just over a month after we agreed to date, that we had sex for the first time. And each time is just as good, or better, than that first time.

A quick look at the clock has me scrambling from the bed and taking care of business as quickly as I can without making a mess before running down the stairs. I slow my pace to a walk just before I enter the playroom.

My Mistress is standing in the middle of the room wearing only her strap-on harness. Her hair is hanging heavily down her back in a thick braid and she has her head lowered in such a way that she's looking up at me as if I interrupted her looking at something on the floor. My knees instantly get wobbly when I see the dildo she has attached to her harness because I know it means she's going to fuck me.

She's only ever fucked me once and it was an experience that I'm not sure I ever want to repeat. Not because it was painful, although I'm not sure why I didn't totally like it; especially since I like it when she has me use the dildos on myself or when she uses them when they're not attached to the harness.

I'm sometimes allowed to request things so I tentatively say, "Mistress?"

She makes some final adjustments to the harness before looking up fully. "You're nearly late. What were you doing?"

I don't know how to answer that so I just shake my head. "Nothing. May I request something?"

"If it has to do with my fucking you, then no." She steps closer but not close enough to touch. "Only thing you get a say in is if I take you from behind or not."

The one and only time she fucked me with the strap-on she took me face to face. She had me lie on the bed and she stood beside it and fucked me that way. She has had me on all fours and fucked me with a dildo not in a strap-on and I really enjoyed that.

I chew my lower lip and try to decide. On the one hand I'm getting fucked no matter what but on the other hand I can decide in what position. And that actually makes all the difference. She's naked and that means if she takes me face to face then I'll be able to see her tits jiggle and that'll help me enjoy it but if she takes me from behind I'll get to feel her tits pressing against my back, something I don't get to feel very often.

"You have five seconds before I make the decision for you."

A quick glance around the room shows that she's moved the saw horse out away from the wall so I step over to it and brace myself on the padded top, spreading my legs and thrusting out my ass in lieu of answering.

"Bit of a slut today, are you?"

I hang my head at the harsh words, my face flaming in embarrassment. But Mistress has carefully conditioned me to humiliation and my arousal increases. In the position I'm in my dick is hanging heavily between my legs and it twitches at the word 'slut' and my breathing becomes ragged. Over the course of our sexual relationship in general and her Ownership of my in particular, I've discovered that I crave sex with her. That's not to say that I didn't enjoy or even want sex before (I am a healthy male, after all) just that I can't seem to get enough from her.

I startle a little when one of her hands lands on the small of my back. My skin tingles from the warmth of her palm.

"Here's what we're gonna do: I'm going to fuck you and you're going to come whenever you want. And then we're going to change places and you're going to fuck me. And once that's done, I'm going to tie you up and put my marks on your back." She drapes herself over my back, the dildo nudging at my hole. "How does that sound to you?"

"You want me to fuck you after I come?" Surely she doesn't mean that. I know she knows my recovery time isn't that quick.

She chuckles. "Oh, no. I imagine you'll be able to hold off with the promise of being allowed to come in me again. But I will warn you to time your orgasm just right because if I come first, you won't be allowed to come."

Which means I had better hope she doesn't come while fucking me.

A lube coated finger presses against my hole and I push back against it, relaxing enough that it slips easily inside. She twists it, coating me as well as she can before replacing it with the dildo.

Pressing inside, she doesn't stop until she's all the way inside. She doesn't even pause, just pulls instantly back out before setting up a punishing rhythm. Her belly smacks against my ass which is still slightly sore from where she spanked me yesterday. When I try to push back against her, she tightens her grip on my hips and I get the message: I'm to stay still and let her fuck me.

The urge to come becomes nearly unbearable so I grit my teeth and hold on to the reins of my control by reminding myself that I'll be allowed to come inside her soon. I hear her gasp and stiffen behind me. My head drops forward because those are all signs that she climaxed which means I will not be allowed to come again today.

A hiss escapes when she pulls out. She places a kiss to my back, right between my shoulder blades; in the exact same spot where she touched me earlier. I bite back a whine at the loss of skin to skin contact when she steps away.

"Dog." I turn and find she's removed the harness. I approach where she's kneeling. "How do you want me?"

That seems to be the question of the day: what position do we want to fuck in? We did face to face and from behind already so I think I'll go for my other favorite position. "I want you to ride me."

"Excellent choice." She reaches out and tugs on my hand until I'm lying flat on my back.

She swings one leg over my hips and slowly lowers herself on my dick. When she comes to rest in the cradle of my hips, she sighs and wiggles her hips as if trying to get me deeper. She braces her hands on my chest and I bend my knees to put my feet flat on the floor. She then begins rocking like she's riding a horse and I put my hands on her hips.

I begin thrusting up to meet her and she stops moving, letting me fuck her as hard as I want. Holding her hips still, I thrust up hard and fast.

"Yes. Fuck me. Harder, Steve!"

I begin pulling her down to meet me as I thrust up and the sound of our skin slapping together echoes in the room along with our heavy breathing. Eventually I can feel the tell-tale signs that she's getting really close and since she hasn't reminded me that I'm not allowed to come, and with the fact that I was told that I can't come if she comes first in the back of my mind, I manage to climax just seconds before she does. She collapses on my chest, her panting breath cooling the sweat slicked skin of my neck.

Just when I think she's fallen asleep, she pushes herself up enough to lean on her crossed arms on my chest. "Gotta love how Uncle Sam teaches you boys to follow orders. Makes my job that much easier."

It's the first she's ever really said about having other submissives before me. I mean, I know there have been others but to hear her actually say something about it. I don't feel so special now.

She gets to her feet and walks over to the bench set into the wall. I failed to notice when I entered that she has her clothes piled on top. Of course I was a tad distracted by her nakedness but that isn't any excuse. I'm supposed to notice everything about my surroundings at all times. Failure to do so could get me or her killed.

"Come, Dog." She's holding out my wrist cuffs. A few weeks after she first put me on my knees, she took me to a specialty shop in town and had several items made just for me. I got the feeling that when she moved to Hawai'i she hadn't planned on taking a submissive and so had gotten rid of all her equipment.

The last thing I had had made for me was my dress uniforms. It was quite the experience having my neck, wrists, and ankles measured and pieces of leather molded around them.

Danni had several of each made in all different colors and with different accent pieces. She explained that they were to suit her moods and the needs of the scene. I didn't care then but I do now. I have my favorites, just like I'm sure she has hers, and the pair she's holding now are my favorite wrist cuffs.

I had always wondered if she knew that I preferred this pair over the others or not. And now I have my answer. She does know and cares enough to use them.

Standing, I walk over to where she's waiting near the controls for the chains that are attached to the ceiling. Holding out my wrists, I allow her to buckle the cuffs on before stepping back until I'm standing under one of the chains.

She lowers it until the hooks on the end are at my mid-chest, then she steps up and attaches them to my cuffs. Once finished she looks me in the eyes and gives me a tiny smile. The rush of love I feel in this moment overrides my best judgment and I lean forward to press my lips to hers. The words I've yet to ever say to any woman rush to the tip of my tongue but I hold them back.

I have no idea why I refuse to let them out; I know that if I did it would make her feel better but something keeps me from just opening my mouth and saying them.

She pulls back with a sigh. "I should punish you for that," she says, shaking her finger at me while turning back to the controls.

"But you won't?" Not that I want to be punished again but she very rarely lets rule breaking slide, especially when she's already punished me for a similar infraction.

"I don't think your ass can take the additional abuse." She pushes the button that raises the chain and it takes my hands with it. She stops it when I'm standing on the balls of my feet.

The position is familiar and I feel myself step even further into my headspace. This weekend doesn't seem to actually be about our dynamic as Domme and submissive and so I haven't been too worried that I haven't been where I usually am when she dominates me.

I remember the first time she tied me up like this. We didn't have the playroom yet so she had me fashion something around one of the exposed beams in the living room. It was far from ideal but it got the job done for that one time. In fact, it was after that that she decided we needed a room where we could do this sort of thing.

"How are you, Dog?"

The question is not uncommon but it has been a while since she's asked and so it takes me a moment to recall the proper answer. "Green, Mistress."

"You'll tell me if that changes."

"As always, Mistress."

She smiles and steps over to the cabinet where she keeps the floggers and whips. The way the doors open I can't see inside and she hides the flogger she chooses against her leg so I'm left guessing as to which one it is.

She moves around behind me and runs the tips of her fingers along the row of lash marks from last night. "Remember, this is for pleasure." I nod. "But I still want to know if things are no longer green, understand?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"Good. We'll start with ten and go from there."

Ten. That's not very many. In fact that's less than she did the first time she ever flogged me. The first strike surprises me enough to have me yelping at the sting. It feels like she's using the cat-o-nine tails, the knots at the end land with dull thuds against my ribcage. I've never been forbidden from making noise; I just usually don't unless told to. But something about the combination of the spankings and the whipping and now the flogging has me crying out each time she lands a hit.

By the time she's landed ten lashes I'm riding a fairly nice wave of pain. Sweat has begun to drip down my arms and face and back. The sting of the salt in my fresh wounds has me twitching slightly in my bonds.

I wrap my hands around the chains holding me up and take as much of the weight off my shoulders as I can. I know I can hang here much longer than she'll demand me to but that doesn't mean that it isn't hell on my upper back.

"How are you, Dog?" She presses against my back and even though I watched her get dressed, I'm disappointed to feel the silk of her bra instead of the bare skin of her breasts.

"Green, Mistress."

"That was some pause before you answered, Dog. You're not lying to me, are you?"

I shake my head. "No, Mistress. I know the punishment for lying."

"Oh, yeah?" I nod. "And what would that be?"

"Thirty lashes with the cane." Luckily she's never had to use it on me but she has made sure I understand all the consequences of anything I might do; especially after I lied to her about Jameson.

"And you would never make me have to use it on you, would you?"

"I do my best not to, Mistress."

"Good." She steps back and runs one finger along a couple of the marks from the flogger. "Shall I continue?"

"Yes, please." My dick is once again hard and leaking. I'm fairly confident that I won't be allowed any relief but that doesn't matter. As long as she gets her pleasure because that's all that matters.

The whistle of the flogger slicing through the air is loud in the room and it is soon joined by my renewed cries of pained pleasure and panting breathes. The pain is so exquisite that I'm drifting on a high like none I've ever experienced, even by her hand, and I fail to notice when she stops flogging me and lowers the chain enough for me to stand flat footed. But I can't ignore her taking me into her mouth.

She doesn't do this often, even when we're having sex as equals, so it's always a surprise when she does. Her technique isn't perfect but it's more than adequate for getting the job done. She deep throats me while tugging on my balls and before I can stop it, I'm emptying myself down her throat with a hoarse cry.

She slithers up my body and takes my mouth in a punishing kiss, sweeping her tongue inside and sharing my taste with me.

"Mm," she hums when she breaks the kiss. "I should probably do that more often." Just the thought of her blowing me more than she already does has my dick twitching and I'm sure if she did follow up on that statement it might just kill me.

She is very much aware of my reaction to her statement. She gives me a very suggestive look when she steps back, tossing her braid over her shoulder with a flick of her hand. "If you can get it up again by the time I finish uncuffing you, you can fuck me however you want."

My eyes slide closed in exasperation. She knows I probably won't be able to get hard again anytime soon but the promise of being able to take her however I want, something she hasn't allowed in a long time, is nearly irresistible to me. A softly spoken 'Dog' has me opening my eyes. Danni is standing near the controls and is fondling one breast while pushing the button to lower the chain.

Before I met Danni I didn't think I was the type of man who went after certain… aspects of a woman's anatomy. But now I know I'm all about large breasts, muscular thighs and broad shoulders. I love playing with Danni's breasts, and she is extremely responsive to having her nipples tortured. I have discovered, to our mutual pleasure, that the more pressure applied to her nipples the better. If this thing between us ever gets to the marriage and children stage I'll be hard pressed to leave her breasts alone should she decide to nurse.

She's pinching her nipple between her thumb and forefinger, her bottom lip caught between her teeth as she twists and pulls. The sight is enough to get the blood flowing back south and I can feel my cock begin to swell. And by the time the chain is low enough that my hands are at my chin, I'm nearly fully hard again.

She saunters over to where I'm standing, her breast still hanging out of the cup of her bra, and slowly unbuckles the cuffs, her gaze never leaving mine. I've never seen her like this. That's not to say she's never been seductive before just that she's never been like this.

She's looking at me through her lashes and rubbing one foot along my calf. Dropping the cuffs to the floor behind her, she leans forward and nips my chin and then licks the sting away. Running one finger down my chest she circles one nipple and my navel. "I knew if given the right incentive you'd improve that recovery time," she says and wraps her fingers around my erection, giving a light stroke. She swirls her thumb over the tip and smirks when I flinch. "So, Dog, what'll it be?"

I swallow thickly and shove the image of pulling her to the floor and covering her with my body from my mind. While that is the position I want to take her in, this is not where I want her. "Upstairs. In our bed. You flat on your back with your exquisite thighs wrapped around my waist."

She goes up on her toes and licks the tip of my nose. "Boring old missionary, huh? I did say any position you want." She spins around me and sashays out of the room. The look she throws me over her shoulder just before stepping through the door has me nearly tripping over my feet to get close enough to ogle her ass on the way up the stairs.

I spend the next several hours worshipping her body as I make slow sweet love to her. I manage to get her off more times than I ever have previously before my own orgasm crashes over me like a wave.

The Navy taught me that shorter showers are better but I've learned to enjoy long ones as long as Danni's in the stall with me. Usually we just bathe each other but sometimes she has me finger her. This time, however, she pushes me to my knees and has me pleasure her with my mouth. It hits me while I'm on my knees, licking her pussy, that there has to be a reason she's allowing me to do my favorite things to her but damned if I can figure out why.

After I make Danni come apart with a strangled cry, she declares we need to eat. I haven't once thought of food since waking this morning but just the mention of it has my stomach rumbling loudly.

When we step from the shower stall, she pulls on a pair of clean panties that have taken up residence, along with several other articles of her clothing, in a corner of one of my drawers and one of my old Navy tees before braiding her hair again. I once asked her why she does that and she told me that when she doesn't have time to straighten it, braiding it makes the curls more manageable. I've told her before that I love her natural hair but she hates the fact that it's so naturally curly because she can't do much with it; it's why she kept it shoulder length when she was competing in gymnastic meets.

Downstairs in the kitchen we fix lunch together while chatting about just about each and every thought that pops into our heads. There are a few that I know I don't say out loud and I'm sure there are a few for her as well. Over the past few hours I've felt like something has shifted in our relationship and the thoughts that come to me (about us getting married and having a family) feel like they'd destroy whatever this has become.

After we eat and clean the kitchen, Danni takes me back into the playroom and we have several more enjoyable hours of her testing my limits.

It's near midnight when she declares it's time for bed. I drag myself up the stairs and fall face first into the bed, falling instantly asleep.

Several hours later something wakes me. I lie there with my eyes closed, trying to determine what it is. I'm completely unsuccessful, however, and so roll to my left to curl around the sleeping body of my Mistress but find the space empty and the sheets cold; it's obvious she either never came to bed or only slept for a short time.

Flicking back the sheets, I get up and grab a pair of sweats on my way out of the room, concern urging me to hurry. I search the entire upstairs, not really expecting her to be up here. My old room is still decorated the way it was when I left home and Mary's old room has been redecorated for Grace.

Downstairs, I search each and every room. I half expect to find her in Dad's office going over some case files; sometimes she gets an idea and refuses to wait in case she forgets it. Not finding her anywhere in the house, I go back to the kitchen and look out the window over the sink that looks out on the cove out back.

I think I can see a vaguely Danni shaped shadow down by the shoreline but in the pre-dawn light it's difficult to make out at this distance. So I step out onto the lanai and pause at the top of the steps. The warm ocean breeze brings with it the sound of someone crying and I know that it's Danni.

I've only ever seen her cry like this once: yesterday when she arrived here. That's not to say that Danni isn't emotional; she's not only female but also human. But she doesn't cry with great big sobs often, if ever. Danni is extremely tough and not much can make her break down.

Of course there are exceptions to this; with anything to do with Grace being at the top of that list. And what she told me when she arrived is a hell of a reason for her to fall apart.

I've always hated the rule that says I can't comfort her while in a scene (Dominants need after care, too) so I don't even hesitate, just march down the beach and curl myself around her where she's sitting on the sand just above the tide line.

She stiffens instantly and tries to shoulder me back but I won't let her.

"Let me, please, Mistress," I whisper in her ear. "Let me comfort you."

"No." She tries to pull away and I tighten my arms around her. "You need me to be strong."

"Fuck that. I need you to be you."

She makes a sound in the back of her throat. "I can't let you see me being weak."

"I don't see you as weak. Not even when you're like this."

She shakes her head and I notice for the first time that she's undone the braid and her curls look like a halo around her head. "I have to be strong."

"Who says you aren't?"

"I'm female, therefore I'm weak."

Her statement is like a punch to my gut. "Have I ever done anything to make you think I think females are weak?" A sob escapes before she can stop it. "Who has told you that being female makes you weak?"

"Steve, please!"

"No." I shake my head even though she can't see it since she's facing away from me. "You are exactly what I need. How you can think you are even slightly weak after all you've been through is beyond me. Not very many women would be able to do even half the shit you've done."

"I gave my daughter up! I was too weak to fight for her!"

Is that what this is about? "You did what you thought was in her best interest. You knew the fight would get ugly and that you might lose her completely so you chose the path that allows you to still be in her life!"

"But he uses it to control me!"

"So do something about it!" I manhandle her until she's curled up in my lap with her head tucked under my chin. Once again the words that I know she's longing to hear rush to the tip of my tongue and once again I bite them back. Now would be an excellent time to say them but something tells me she won't hear them the way I mean them. And so I try and convey their meaning with my actions: kissing her forehead, rocking her gently, and letting everything I feel for her wash over her via my touch while a chat of 'I love you' plays in my head.

I'm not sure exactly how long we sit there on the beach but by the time her sobs have stopped it is much lighter and she's shivering slightly despite being wrapped in my arms.

She takes a shaky breath and lets it out on a breathy sigh. "Take me inside."

It's a good thing I'm used to picking her up from the floor. I get my feet under me and stand, cradling her in my arms, with only a small grimace; it's not that she's heavy, she weighs about a hundred pounds less than what I do, it's just that the angle is awkward.

We manage to get a few more hours of sleep then spend the morning making out in the chair in the living room. Around noon she releases me from the scene and I immediately change into my board shorts before heading out for a swim. I stay in the water far longer than usual since I haven't been for a swim since Friday morning.

When I finally head in, Danni doesn't even look at me, just points upstairs. I chuckle and press a kiss to her temple as I pass where she's examining the contents of the cabinets.

After a shower (a three minute one), I come back downstairs and head to the kitchen, intent on assisting her with making dinner. I pause in the doorway and watch her moving around, getting ingredients together.

Danni's humming softly under her breath and a small secret smile is curving her lips. Something about the whole scene reminds me of my mother when she was first pregnant with Mary, not that I knew that at the time. Danni just seems so content with the world in this moment that I feel like my presence would not be welcome so I back out quietly and slowly count to twenty before making noise on my way back in.

For the rest of the day Danni doesn't quite lose the smallish smile curving her lips and I can't help but kiss it often as we watch an old Jets game on TV. Several times over the course of the afternoon I find myself wanting to ask what has her so happy, especially after how I found her in the early hours of this morning. But as with telling her how much I love her, something holds me back; if she wants me to know what that smile is about, she'll tell me.

The game ends around 5. She kisses me and goes to take a shower. This is the official end to our weekend; she always spends Sunday nights at her place. Per usual, I find myself fighting the urge to beg her to move in with me. I know she's finally found a place she really likes but really wish she had at least considered moving in with me. I mean, she did stay here for a few weeks before she found her current place and while I did bring it up once or twice, she shot it down each time; citing Stan as the reason.

After a night spent tossing and turning, I get up and head into work. When I pull into the parking lot, I find I'm the last of my team to arrive. This is a strange new development in the team dynamics and I'm not sure I like it.

I take the stairs two at a time and come to a complete stop when I push open the doors and see Danni in her office talking to some guy in a suit. Whatever they're talking about it must be extremely serious because Danni isn't waving her hands around. I've learned over the past two years that when Danni hardly moves her arms she's being at her most serious. I figure it must come from being on the witness stand because she can't exactly wave her arms around and be taken seriously.

Danni's nodding her head at whatever the man is telling her; I really wish I wasn't looking at them in profile because I'd kill to know what's being said. The guy looks like he could be a lawyer and if that's true I feel like I should be read in on whatever it is that has him talking to her, here and now.

"Hey, Boss." Kono sidles up to me and bumps my shoulder with hers, cradling a steaming cup in her hands. I acknowledge her presence with a nod of my head. "They've been in there since Chin and I arrived twenty minutes ago." She takes a sip. "Whatever they're talking about, it's serious and involves a lot of back and forth."

I turn my head and frown at her. "Meaning?"

"Her tires were cold when I got here and they seem to be taking turns talking for long periods of time."

Before I can even think of a reply, Danni gets up from her desk and marches around it to throw her office door open. "I'm sure the two of you have lots of work you could be doing. So, please stop staring at me, it's extremely distracting and I'd rather not close the blinds. Thank you ever so much." She then shuts the door as forcefully as she can seeing as it's made of glass, and goes back around her desk. She says something to her visitor and then stares at Kono and I until we scramble from the bullpen and into our respective offices.

Danni gives me the stink eye while I make my way into my office. I'm beginning to think that whatever her private meeting is about it has destroyed the good mood she was in yesterday.

The man eventually recaptures her attention and I try to get some work done but it's difficult when I can tell that she's not happy and when all I want to do is fix it. So I settle for playing solitaire on my computer and keeping one eye on her office.

When I see her and her guest stand, I focus intently on the screen, hoping she doesn't know I've been waiting for him to leave. I see her walk him to the main doors of the office and chew my lip while figuring out the timing for this. I have to catch her before she can lock her door against me but if I go too soon, she'll force me back into mine and then just walk out.

I'm on my feet by the time I see her headed back in my direction and I'm on her heels in time to crowd her into her office. "God, Steve! Give a girl some room to breathe."

I stop just inside her office and watch her stalk around her desk before flopping into her chair. "Who was that man and why was he here?"

"He-" She stops talking and looks out the windows into the bullpen. "No, ya know what? I'm not gonna tell you who he is or why he was here."

I frown at her. "What? Why?"

She swivels back and forth in her chair and finally looks back at me. "Because it's none of your business."

"Of course it's my business."

That seems to confuse her. She leans forward and props one elbow on the desk. "And just how do you figure that? Hm?"

"Because…" I can't find the words to answer her.

"Because…?" The way she's leaning on her desk lets me see down her shirt but I refuse to let my gaze dip that far below her face.

"Because I'm…" One of her eyebrows climbs her forehead. I make a frustrated sound in the back of my throat. "I'm…" Fuck! Just say it, McGarrett! "I'm your…" I flop my hand in a circle to encompass everything we are.

"Oh, no," she says with a humorless chuckle. "You are so gonna have to do better than that." She stands but stays behind her desk. "What are you, Steven? My what?"

I bite my lip and pace a circle away from her. "I'm your-" God, I hate this word. "-boyfriend. Okay? I'm your boyfriend."

"Oh, you're my 'boyfriend', are you?" She stomps around her desk and gets right in my face. "You even know the definition of the word, Steven? Huh, do you? No, you do not. And I'll tell you why." She points at the chairs in front of her desk. "Sit and I shall enlighten you." She growls low in her throat and throws her hand out again when I don't budge. "I fucking said SIT!"

I all but fall into the chair her visitor had been sitting in. "D…"

"Do not 'D' me, Steven." She slaps her palms on the desk, making me jump. "A 'boyfriend' is someone who takes you out on occasion. And I'm not talking to the gun range or the beach; and no, a stakeout doesn't count either." She's obviously pissed about something, I'm not sure I'm to blame but I'm willing to take it; whatever she's pissed about it has her practically vibrating in place. "When I say 'date' I mean out to dinner or a movie or a museum or dancing. And for the record, a dinner date is when you go to a restaurant with tables, preferably inside the building but outside can be romantic so long as they have linen tablecloths and real china and silverware."

When she stops talking, she's panting and she drops heavily into her chair, running one hand through her hair. "You have never taken me out. Yes, you've cooked for me once or twice and that can be considered a date but a girl needs more, Steve."

She may be ranting about my definition of 'boyfriend' but something tells me this is about so much more. "I would love to take you out but you've always said that we have to keep it where Stan can't see."

"So not the point, here, McGarrett."

"You're right. I'm sorry." I lean forward and reach for her hands. "I'm sorry, okay?" She lets me cover her hands with mine. "So who was that guy?"

She snatches her hands back and jumps to her feet. "Got out of my office."

"D…" She doesn't let me finish, just comes around the desk to wrap her hand around my left triceps and tug me to my feet. "I said get the fuck outta my office!"

I'm so stunned that I allow her to push me out the door and shut it in my face. She turns her back and slides down the door to sit on the floor. I crouch down and touch the glass where her head is resting. I want nothing more than to open the door and take her in my arms but I know that in the mood she's in it won't go over well.

"Steve?" Chin's soft voice reminds me of where we are.

I stand up and turn to face him. "Yeah?"

"We got a lead."

Nodding, I knock on the door to Danni's office. "Danno, we got something."

I don't bother waiting for her to leave her office, just make my way to the computer table where Chin and Kono are looking at something. I take my place on the side of the table where I can see her exit her office.

She doesn't even look at me when she joins us at the table. I barely hear any of what Chin tells us about the new lead. Danni keeps her head lowered and asks questions while pointing at things on the table top. When she finds something interesting, she flicks it up to the overhead screens.

I obediently frown up at the file she's brought to our attention but I have no clue what I'm looking at. And it would appear that none of my team has noticed my inattention; and they call themselves detectives.

After several minutes it becomes apparent that they're finished discussing things and are waiting for my instructions. "Okay, Chin, you and Kono go run down this lead. Danni and I will go question the family of the suspect and talk to the victim and the witnesses again." I look at the three of them, only Danni refuses to meet my gaze. "Everyone okay with that?" I wait for them to nod. "Excellent. Let's go, people." I spin on my heel, headed for the parking lot.

Danni joins me nearly five minutes later smelling like mint. I glance over at her and frown. "You okay?" She turns her head to stare out the window, totally ignoring my question. I take and release a deep sigh and put the car in gear. "Alrighty, then."

We spend the morning going from house to house on our list. At each house, Danni pulls one of the women to the side and whispers something in her ear before disappearing only to reappear just as I'm finishing my questions, once again smelling like mint.

I keep sneaking glances over at her as I drive. The urge to ask her again if everything is alright is high and I'm finding it difficult to keep my mouth shut. But somehow I manage and hate myself a little more for each second I let the silence between us stretch.

It's nearly noon when I open my mouth and ask, "You about ready for lunch?" She gives a non-committal shrug and I'm sorely tempted to take her to a place that serves loco moco in Styrofoam containers and has you eat in your car. But her words from this morning in her office are ringing in my ear so I decide to take her to the type of restaurant I'd take her on a date; she never said it had to be at night.

Danni's in just pissy enough of a mood to force me to round the car and open her door. When I do, she breezes past me with her nose firmly in the air and I know I've put my foot in it this time. I find myself reaching out for her and force my hand to close in a fist as I pull it back.

The pretty girl at the hostess station smiles at me which has the undesired effect of having Danni glare at me over her shoulder. I lift my shoulders and open my eyes real big, trying to tell her without words that I didn't do anything.

"We'd like a table for two, please." I step up beside Danni and put my left hand on her waist where the hostess can see it. Her smile turns from flirtatious to the kind you give to a small child you think is cute. "If we could have one inside but with a view of the ocean, that'd be great."

"Of course. If you'll follow me?" The hostess picks up two menus and begins weaving her way through the tables that dot the floor until she stops at a table for two set in a corner that boasts an excellent view of the ocean for the both of us. "How's this?" She holds out one hand in the direction of the table.

"It's perfect." I scoot around Danni and pull out one of the chairs. Danni tosses her hair over her shoulder and sits down, assisting me with pushing it closer to the table.

With another sweet smile, the hostess hands us the menus. "Dave will be your server this afternoon. He'll be right over to get your drink order. Enjoy."

"Thank you." It's the first words I've heard out of Danni since we left the office this morning.

I reach over the table, holding my hand out with the palm up, silently begging her to take it. When she just fiddles with her napkin, I curl my fingers closed and slowly draw my hand back. "Look, Danni, I'm sorry, okay? Whatever I did to piss you off, I'm sorry." She clears her throat and looks out the window at the ocean. "I'm sorry, okay? I said I'm sorry, sincerely sorry. That's what I've been trying to say since we met. Two years ago." Her lips twitch at the words I said to her after our first fight on that very first day. "Forgive me, please?" She shrugs and I take it to mean that my apology has been received and is pending. "You'll let me know when you forgive me. Right?" She glances at me out of the corner of her eye and quirks that brow.

I swear, if I didn't love her so much…

I sigh and open my menu. And mentally cringe. I forgot she's not big on seafood and this is one of the nicer, yet less expensive, seafood places on the island. "I know you don't care for seafood." I look at her over my menu. "We can go somewhere else."

"It's fine." She flips open her menu and gives it a quick look before closing it again. "If you'll excuse me." I manage to get half-way out of my seat before she's stepped out from behind the table and is making her way toward the bathrooms.

Dave comes by while she's gone. I'm not sure what she'll want to drink so I just order her some ice water with lemon. And since I'm starting to get hungry, I order some fried calamari.

Dave delivers the calamari just as she comes back around the corner. He's in my way so I can't help her with her chair.

Once he leaves, she takes a sip of her water. "I wasn't sure what you'd want to drink."

"It's fine. I probably should cut back on the caffeine and I can't exactly have a beer while on the clock." As if that's stopped us before.

"I got calamari because I know you like it."

She finally looks at me while she spoons some of the sauce on her bread plate before scooping some of the fried squid next to it. Swirling one piece around in the sauce, she pops it in her mouth, a small smile of satisfaction curling her lips.

We've eaten most of the calamari before Dave comes back. "Have you had a chance to look at the menu?"

Danni swallows the sip of water she had just taken. "Yes. I'd like the lobster stuffed tilapia."

"Excellent choice. What kind of vegetables would you like with it?"

"Sautéed squash and zucchini."

"Perfect. And you, Sir?"

"Hm." I look over the menu one last time. "I'll take… the… Chilean sea bass with seasonal veggies."

"Very good, Sir." Dave takes our menus and, with a slight bow, walks away.

In the two years since Danni and I met, we've never had so much as a second of awkward silence. Until today. I cannot for the life of me find a single topic to discuss that won't piss her off any more than she already is and I don't want to ruin what just might be our first real date.

By the time Dave brings our food, Danni has torn apart three pieces of bread and is working on a fourth, the crumbs littering the table in front of her. He sets our plates down with a flourish. "Enjoy." He smiles at Danni. "Would you like some more water?"

"Yes, please." He steps away for a moment and returns with a pitcher of water and a pitcher of tea and fills both our glasses at the same time.

For the rest of our meal, our glasses are never empty. This guy is getting a hell of a tip.

Danni mostly picks at her meal, something I've never seen her do before; the woman loves to eat and it's something I truly love about her. "Not hungry?"

"Huh?" She blinks at me like I just woke her from a nap. "Oh, uh, um…" She chews her lip and takes a small bite.

The expression on her face tells me that the fish all but melted on her tongue. And that one small bite is obviously enough to spark her appetite because she begins eating like the Daniel Williams I know and love.

We're about half done when I realize we never talked about what happened on the beach yesterday morning. "So,-" I talk a sip of my iced tea and wipe my mouth with my napkin. "-can we talk about yesterday morning?"

She puts her fork down, wipes her mouth with her napkin and sits back in her chair, taking her time chewing her bite. "I am so fucking sorry that I had a brief female moment. Won't happen again, Commander, I promise."

Despite her blank face her tone and use of my rank tell me that I've thoroughly pissed her off. "That's not…" I drop my own fork and scrub at my face with both hands. "Danni, I care about you, okay? Seeing you so completely lost threw me. You are one of the strongest women I have ever met but that doesn't mean I expect you to always be strong." My mouth goes dry in the face of the anger that's banked in her eyes, so I take another drink of my tea. "You can show emotion and still be one strong ass female." I run one hand through my hair and tug in frustration. "I just wanted to talk about what caused your momentary break down, that's all."

"And I told you." She shoves her plate away. "We should be getting back to work. It's been over an hour."

"I just want to help."

"There is nothing to 'help' with."

"You obviously took me as your submissive for a reason. But I can't do my job properly if you shut me out."

"We're done." Her tone is frigid as she picks up her purse and holds out her hand for the keys. I'm not totally confident that she won't leave me here, she's that pissed at me, but I also know she'll continue to stand there with her hand out until I hand them over.

With a sigh, I dig them from my pocket and slap them into her palm. She narrows her eyes at me. "You can punish me later."

"Oh, you'd like that, wouldn't you?" I meant mine as a joke but I'm not so sure she means hers the same way.

"I would, actually. How about after I pay you take me home and make it so I have to stand at work for the rest of the week?"

She clenches her fist around the keys, spins on her heel and marches from the restaurant. I blow out a harsh breath and wave Dave over for the check. Luckily I have enough cash on me to pay with and make sure Dave gets a more than twenty percent tip. I tuck the bills into the receipt wallet and carry it with me on my way out, handing it over to Dave when I see him finish with a table.

"Keep the change." I pat him on the shoulder and continue on my way out the door.

Some of the tension I'm carrying in my shoulders eases when I see Danni fuming in the passenger seat of the Camaro when I turn the corner of the parking lot. I slide behind the wheel and buckle my belt. "I meant it, Mistress." I make my tone as submissive as I can while I turn the key in the ignition. "You don't look like you feel well. I can call Chin and tell him I'm taking you home."

She scoffs. "So you think I look sick enough to call in sick for the rest of the day but I'm obviously well enough to blister your ass?"

I shake my head and point the car in the direction of the next name on our list. "Just trying to help, Mistress."

When I stop the car at a red light, she grabs a fistful of hair at the back of my head and pulls so that I'm looking up at the ceiling. "You had best not be in your fucking headspace."

"Of course not. Just trying to appease you." Liar! I'm always partially in my headspace when she's around. Over the past two years I've learned how to work around it.

"You better not be lying to me." She lets my hair go with a slight push.

I put the car in gear and pull through the intersection when the light turns green, my dick pressing hotly against the buttons on my cargo pants.

We spend the afternoon much like we did the morning with one difference: she doesn't disappear on me more than twice and each time she comes back she doesn't smell any different than when she disappeared.

By the time I pull into the parking lot at The Palace it's after 5. I back the Camaro into its spot and cut the engine. We sit there for several seconds before I turn slightly in my seat. "Paperwork can wait until tomorrow." She nods. "I don't know about you but I could use a good hard spanking to ease the tension in my shoulders."

She shakes her head. "While you do deserve to be punished, you don't deserve a spanking." She looks over at me. "Your punishment is as follows: you will go home, strip and watch TV while kneeling in front of the TV. I don't care what you watch. You will not touch your cock, not even to piss. You will text for permission to do anything, including piss. You will be given further instructions as the night progresses. Now get the fuck outta my car."

I'm stunned. She's never once put me under without being there to watch. I lick suddenly dry lips and fumble for the door handle but before I can find it, she climbs over the gearshift and straddles my lap. Taking my face in her hands, she holds it still while she attacks my mouth. All I can do is grip the steering wheel.

Once she's finished, she climbs back into the passenger seat. "I said get the fuck out."

I open the door and fall out onto my hands and knees. She shuts the door once I've scrambled to my feet and has the engine roaring to life before I realize I now need to piss. I tap on the window. She rolls it down and huffs at me. "I have to piss."

"Can you hold it?" I nod. "Then do so." Up the window goes and then she's flooring it out of the parking lot.

I drive home on autopilot, feeling myself step further down into my headspace with each passing mile. It isn't until I'm taking position between the coffee table and couch that I realize this means that she still wants my submission. The relief that thought brings has me sagging back against the couch.

No sooner does my back touch the edge than my cell alerts me I have a text. I pick it up and thumb it on.

No leaning. Kneel in front of the coffee table. I look around, fully expecting her to be hiding somewhere. My phone beeps again. Apparently you think I'm playing.

I quickly obey her command while replying. Apologies, Mistress.

She doesn't respond and I settle in to watch some mindless sitcom. I've never been one for watching TV, the odd football or baseball game with Danni or movie with Grace notwithstanding, so I've never seen this show before. Luckily most sitcoms are designed with the casual viewer in mind.

About an hour later I reach for my phone to ask what I'm to have for dinner just as it beeps.

Put your pants on and answer the door. You have thirty seconds.

I jump up and run up the stairs where I grab my sweats, pulling them on while running back down the stairs just as a knock sounds on the door. Pulling the door open, my nose is assaulted by the unmistakable smell of pizza from our favorite place: Mama Gina's.

"Ah, pizza!" I hold up one finger. "Give me a sec to get my wallet."

I start to turn away but the delivery driver stops me. "It's already paid for." He hands me the receipt.

"Right. Forgot I had my girlfriend use my card." While signing the receipt I notice that Danni has also already tipped the driver. My eyes narrow at the amount; it is well over the ten percent I normally give. "There ya go, brah."

"Mahalo, Uncle." He dips his head, hands me the pizza and walks back to his car.

My stomach starts rumbling as I contemplate kicking back and munching down on some pizza with a nice cold Longboard. I drop the pizza on the coffee table and spin toward the kitchen but before I can take even one step, my phone beeps again. Snagging it off the floor where I dropped it earlier, I pause when I read the message. I rub my eyes and read it again, convinced I've read it wrong, but it still says the same thing: Water only. No beer. I know exactly how many you have.

I grit my teeth and growl in my throat. Here I was looking forward to an ice cold beer and now all I'm allowed to have is water. Tossing my phone at the couch, I stomp into the kitchen and get a glass of water.

Back in the living room, I thump the glass on the coffee table, pull my pants back off (she didn't say to but I'm sure she just forgot) and resume my kneeling position just as my phone beeps. A quick look at it shows that I was right about the pants; she forgot to mention it in the text telling me no beer.

"What are the chances she bought me my favorite toppings?" I toss back the lid of the box and discover that not only did she not get my favorite toppings, but she got me a plain cheese pizza; my least favorite kind. When Mistress punishes me she doesn't mess around.

I eat all but the crusts of only a few slices and am thinking of texting that I'm tired when my phone, once again, beeps. Wondering what she could possibly have to tell me now, I pick up my phone. I sigh in aggravation when I see Eat every single bite of every single slice. You have twenty minutes to finish.

She knows I don't eat the crust, instead leaving it for her and Grace. I'm beginning to think she has a hidden camera in here somewhere so I make a big show of eating every fucking bite. After three slices I have to text requesting another glass of water. It's granted and I'm warned off of making such a big production of eating my pizza, which confirms that she has a camera hidden in my living room.

A little over an hour later she texts me again. You may go to bed now. I will text you in the morning. DO NOT get up before then.

I head up to bed, knowing I'll be getting a late start which will more than likely have me arriving to work late but also knowing I wouldn't have it any other way.

Part six


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