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Title: Always a Forever Thing
Pairing: John/Rodney
Rating: NC-17
Author's Notes: I really never planned on writing this but when Rodney wants something he gets a bit annoying about it. Sequel to Never a Forever Thing that I wrote in 2008 for the fandom auction for David Hewlett's birthday. You definitely need to read that one first. This is not a story for people who love the character of Jennifer Keller. I personally had nothing against her until the writers decided she'd make the perfect girlfriend for Rodney. I probably could have ignored her if she hadn't tried to change who he is to become who she thinks he should be. I mean, why date the man if you don't like his personality?
Sequel/Series: Never a Forever Thing
Summary: Now that Teyla has been rescued and the current threat has been taken care of, it's time for Rodney to make John his for real.

Rodney's POV:

The past six weeks have been pure torture; having John close and yet not. If I don't get some alone time with my pretty pet soon, I don't know what I'll do.

First, there was the twelve days he was 'missing' when a solar flare sent him 48,000 years into the future. Then, we had to go rescue Teyla. The first place we went to, where John said I told him she'd be, ended up being a trap of sorts. The building imploded and collapsed on top of Lorne, Ronon, John and I. John was trapped with Ronon while I was trapped with Lorne. Of the four of us, I was the least injured with only minor cuts and bruises. Lorne ended up with a broken leg and a couple of bruised ribs on top of some minor cuts and bruises. Ronon had some not so minor cuts and bruises. But John, my poor pet, he suffered the worst. He had a twelve-inch rebar impaled through his abdomen.

We were rescued and John, being the stubborn man he is, refused to allow Keller to treat his wounds properly. And so, against medical advice, John, Ronon and I went to find Teyla.

Luckily we found her before she gave birth. Unfortunately, we found her just as she went into labor which meant I had to deliver her son. We managed to get Teyla, her son and Kanaan off Michael's ship and back to Atlantis where John finally had no choice but to let Keller operate on him.

I entered the infirmary in time to hear Teyla tell John that her son's name is Torren John. I freely admit my feelings were hurt that she didn't name him after me. I delivered him, after all. But she explained that in Athosian culture a boy child is named for the maternal grandfather and a male elder that the mother respects above all others. The same is true for a girl child with the names coming from the paternal grandmother and a female elder that the father admires.

Put that way, how could I remain upset? I do have the honor of being the first person to hold Torren after he was born. Of being the first thing he ever saw. Of being able to 'introduce' Teyla to her son. And then I was given an even greater honor when Teyla asked me to be the child's godfather. An honor that is so much more in Athosian culture than it is in Earth culture. Godparents on Athos help raise the child, teaching him things his parents can't, giving him someone he can talk to when he feels he can't go to his parents. And then takes responsibility for the child should the parents die. I'm not sure I'll be able to handle that last one, but I do relish the opportunity to teach Torren all the things I know.

John ended up having to stay in the infirmary for close to two weeks because he developed an infection which Keller is positive was from him not letting her treat him properly when he was first injured.

I spent the entire time at John's bedside. Luckily it isn't unusual for me to do that so no one thought anything of it.

Once John was released, Keller put him on limited duties, meaning he was forbidden to do anything strenuous which of course frustrated him, and me, greatly. I tried to distract him by starting to get him used to me. We would eat breakfast and lunch in the mess and dinner in my room so he could spend some time in subspace.

Being the workaholic that I am, I would usually work on something on my laptop while absently feeding John with my fingers. I could tell that he didn't like eating from my fingers but being the good little pet he is he didn't say anything.

Until the day it all became too much for him.

We've been in my room for several hours, John naked and kneeling at my feet, me sitting at the table, alternately feeding him and myself while working on my laptop.

I place the last piece of chicken in his mouth and when I try to pull my fingers back, I find them trapped by his lips with his tongue flicking against them. "John," I lightly scold, tugging gently to free my fingers. He releases them with a tiny whimper. I trail them down his chin and lift his face so that I can look him in the eye. "What's the problem, Pet?"

He's having trouble maintaining eye contact, his eyes flicking up for a second before lowering to the floor once more. He swallows nervously and shakes his head. "It's nothing, Master," he whispers.

I can't believe he's shutting me out at this early stage. My fingers grip his chin with just enough pressure to transmit my displeasure. "I do believe I asked you a question. You know I expect honesty from you at all times. Now answer me."

He raises distressed eyes to mine. "We went through this before." He finally says in a tiny voice.

"In the stasis chamber, true. But that wasn't me; therefore we haven't been through this before. Do not make me repeat myself again." I add a hard note to my tone to let him know I mean business. He's basically had it easy these past few weeks, what with being under Keller's almost constant watch, and so has come to the conclusion that he can get away with this level of disobedience.

I can see him actually thinking about lying but something in my face must convince him not to. "I miss taking my food and drink from your mouth, Master. Please don't keep yourself from me any longer." His voice breaks on a pitiful sob on that last word.

"Aw, pretty pet." I run my fingers through his hair and he all but purrs while leaning into my touch. "While you're used to that, I am not." I realize I don't have to explain anything to him but we're so new to each other in these roles that I feel I should. "I need time to get used to having you so dependent on me. Not to mention, Keller told you to avoid strenuous activities. I'm sure you know that feeding you from my mouth would lead to me fucking that beautiful ass of yours until you can't tell where I end and you begin and I refuse to go against your doctor's orders when those orders are for your own good. I may know what's best for you, here, in my room when we're alone, but she knows what's best for your overall physical health and I cannot - will not - go against that. Once she releases you to full active duty will be soon enough for us to work our way up to that. Am I understood?"

He closes his eyes, but not before I see the anguish my words caused. "Yes, Master. Forgive me for questioning you."

"Nothing to forgive, pretty pet." I fist my hand in his hair and tug. "Now come here."

He's a little slow to respond but once he does, I urge him to straddle my lap, facing me so that I can take his mouth and remind him just who the Master here is.

The kiss is all kinds of wet and hot and nasty in the extreme and is only the second kiss we've shared. It's not that I haven't wanted to kiss him, quite the opposite in fact. It's just that I didn't want to open the door to the temptation that is John Sheppard.

Until he came back from the future and told me about the virtual world I created for him in the stasis chamber, I had been resolutely refusing to admit that I wanted nothing more than to see John Sheppard naked on his knees at my feet.

Wrapping one hand in the hair at the back of his head, I force him to submit to my assault on his mouth. He does so with a breathy moan and a full body shiver. I plunder the warmth of his mouth until we both need to breathe, then pull back so I can nibble on his full pouty lips.

When he begins to unconsciously rock his hips against mine, I push him from my lap. He blinks up at me from where he's sprawled on the floor, a frown beginning to mar his pretty face. I can tell he wants to question why I ended the kiss so abruptly but his training forces him to stay silent.

"Enough for today. Get dressed and go back to your room." I turn my attention back to the diagnostic I was reviewing during dinner, effectively putting him from my mind.

Several minutes pass before I become aware that he hasn't moved from his spot on the floor and is in fact still blinking up at me in confusion.

"Is there a problem?"

"N-no, Master," he answers hesitantly.

"Then why are you still sitting there?" I allow my brows to lower, doing my best to show my displeasure.

He's not quick enough to hide his disappointment at this particular order. And I know exactly why. For the past several weeks, I've allowed him to sleep a few hours curled around me in my bed before sending him back to his quarters.

Again, I find myself needing to explain despite the fact that I don't have to. The fact that I told him to do it should be enough.

"I find myself wanting to ignore Keller's orders about avoiding strenuous activity tonight, Pet. If you were to get into that bed with me… Let's just say that you wouldn't be able to sit for several days and walking would be almost as uncomfortable." He bites his lower lip and looks up at me through his lashes. I recognize it as one of his seductive looks but I can't let it affect me at this time. "Last time I spoke with Keller she told me that she thinks you'll be back on active duty soon. We can wait until she feels you've healed." I pull him toward me by his chin so I can place a chaste kiss on his lips before sitting back and returning my attention, once again, to my work. "Now, do as you've been ordered, John."

From the corner of my eye, I see him roll to his feet and step over to where his clothes are neatly folded. He manages to surprise me a bit by not tilting his head from side to side like he normally does when I've released him from a scene but I don't think much of it.

After he finishes dressing, he pauses at the door and looks back at me over his shoulder, begging me to reconsider with his eyes. "Don't think you're going to avoid being punished for not obeying me instantly, John," I inform him, not even looking up from the computer screen. "I'd punish you now but since you'll be seeing Keller in a day or two I don't think she'd understand the marks I'll be leaving on your body. Especially since she told you to take it easy. Now go before you make me even angrier."

He sighs deeply but does as told, the door sliding almost silently shut behind him.

Once he's gone, I find my attention wandering. Unable to concentrate on the modifications to the air filtration system, I shut down my laptop and strip down to my tee shirt and boxers before sliding under the covers on my bed.

As always happens, I have difficulty turning my brain off, only this time it's thoughts of my wayward submissive that are keeping me awake. Eventually I come to a decision which allows my thoughts to still long enough for sleep to claim me.


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