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Author's Notes: A very much belated Christmas gift for [ profile] weird_fin. Her prompt: CSI: Miami- Eric/Calleigh, Eric/Ryan or Stargate Atlantis- John Sheppard/Elizabeth Weir, Sheppard/Beckett, Weir/Beckett. Likes: first time, admitting feelings, overcoming something to be together ie their own insecurities if established, and/or case story related hurt/comfort. As soon as I read it I just knew I needed to do a tag to the CSI: Miami episode Nailed and make it first time Eric/Ryan.
Summary: When Ryan takes a nail in the eye from a nail gun, Eric realizes he actually has feelings for the younger man.
Spoilers: All episodes up to and including season four's Nailed.
Beta: [ profile] jetpack_angel

Really, Wolfe, if this is what you need to unwind at the end of the day, who am I to say anything? Some people drink, some clean, some… do… other… 'things'. )
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I've decided to make a master list post (ETA: I've written more stories than I thought and I've only been writing since 2005).

Things you need to know before reading: 1) I try to stay as canon compliant as possible but if a storyline contradicts something I've written, or I'm planning on writing, or if it's just stupid (Ty's sister in the Dark Blue episode The Venice Kings), then I pretend it didn't happen. 2) I tend to over warn and set my ratings higher just to be on the safe side (of course the fact that most of my stories require the highest rating is neither here nor there). So please heed all warnings when deciding whether or not to read.

If anyone wants to expand any of my one-shots, write for one of my series, do a remix, make a podfic or even translate any of my posted stories please feel free to do so. I'd love for you to drop me a line (preferably in this post) with a link to where you posted it. That being said, please do not archive anything I've written. I prefer to keep my works where I can edit (or, heaven forbid, delete) them without having to ask a moderator for assistance.

New stories will be marked with an asterisk.

CSI: Miami )

Dark Blue )

Hawaii Five-O )

Stargate: Atlantis )

Three Rivers )

I can’t believe I’m doing this again but I’m not sure if I’ll be posting any more stories. My beta has flaked on me, again, and I’m tired of begging her to edit my stories. I’m currently working on a story for a friend, for way too many years now, and my beta doesn’t seem to care that I’ve set myself a deadline to get it done once and for all. If this was a story that just demanded to be told, not an issue; but since it’s for someone who has waited so very patiently for me to finish, it’s too much. So, if there’s anyone out there who’d be willing to edit my stuff just drop me a PM. Thanks.
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Author's Notes: Written for marienomad who donated to the help somalia LiveJournal community for the prompt: 'There's this woman in Throwing Heat who had scammed Delko. She got away with it. I want a fic that features her getting her just deserts. Make her a victim of a crime and no one believes her. Maybe even kill her. Something that shows that karma exists.' This goes AU after the events in Throwing Heat.
Sequel/Series: none
Summary: When Carmen Henney arrives at the crime lab to report that she's been the victim of a crime, no one is inclined to believe her.
Spoilers: Throwing Heat specifically but all episodes up to that one are fair game.

The first thought that goes through Carmen Henney's mind when she discovers that someone has broken into her house is that no one at the Miami-Dade crime lab will believe her. )
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Author’s Notes: Written for [ profile] tanzensiemit in payment for her writing one of my prompts on [ profile] ficlet_trade. Her prompt 'Tim/Ryan and the phrase 'talk is cheap'. This so did not turn out as I'd hoped. This is also for the ten-minute challenge from the TenMinutesWithTheMuse yahoo group. The prompt: ‘At the risk of losing…’ Horatio decided he wanted to be in here, too and so it also fits a request from a friend. Title taken from the Sugar Ray song of the same name.
Warnings: m/m/m sex, mentions of rape and domestic abuse
Spoilers: Lost Son

Blues from a Gun )
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Author’s Notes: I wrote this is for Starkindler for the Sylum Clan Secret Santa Fic Exchange of 2006. I wrote it in two days, the fastest I’ve ever written a story ever, or since.
Grease Monkey )
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Author’s Notes: Not sure where this came from. I woke up one morning and it was begging to be written. It can be seen as a tag to Lost Son or maybe a missing scene or maybe even just what might be going through Tim's mother's head at the funeral.

Spoilers: Dispo Day and Lost Son.

A mother should never have to bury her child, much less two of them. )
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Author’s Notes: This is the missing scene from part three of A Walk in the Dark. Don't worry if you haven't read that one, you'll still be able to enjoy this.

Performance Evaluations )
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Author’s Notes: This turned into something… I can’t find the words to describe what it’s become, but it’s not what it started out as. Also, I was listening to AC/DC Live while writing this. That may be why it turned from fluff into something a lot darker. This is for Bev.I want to thank the wonderful Suz who gave me the encouragement to rewrite this story. She also gave me the idea for the ending, which caused me to have to rewrite the whole thing.

A Walk in the Dark )
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Author’s Notes: Okay, there are a few things you need to know before you read this. First, this was whispered into my ear sometime ago, but it left me before I could write anything down. And then I got the biggest scare of my life when Speed started talking to me, at work no less. I have never heard a muse this loudly before. I really thought Speed was standing just out of my sight talking to me about this. Second, this contains several firsts for me: one, I’ve never written slash, two, it’s my first time writing this fandom, and third, this is the first fic I’ve ever finished and is only the third story I’ve listened to a muse about. So even though it's actually the third in the series it was the first one I wrote. When I started rewriting the story that comes after this one my muses decided I needed to write Mother's Day and then Now Comes the Night to show Horatio's side of the 'courtship'.

I'm Hooked on You )
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Author’s Notes: This came to me when I was listening to my Rob Thomas CD. After reading the words I realized this doesn't really fit but seeing as how this is what came out, and the fact that every time I hear the song I see H standing next to a grave, I kept the title.

Now Comes the Night )
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Author's Notes: In Slaughter House, Speed tells Eric that his parents may have wanted him to disappear on occasion when he was growing up. And then in my story A Walk in the Dark, he is shown as having a good relationship with them. So this is my explanation of how they got from wanting him to go away to wanting him to come 'home'.
Warnings: Deals with dark emotional issues, cutting and drug abuse.

Mother's Day )


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