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I've decided to make a master list post (ETA: I've written more stories than I thought and I've only been writing since 2005).

Things you need to know before reading: 1) I try to stay as canon compliant as possible but if a storyline contradicts something I've written, or I'm planning on writing, or if it's just stupid (Ty's sister in the Dark Blue episode The Venice Kings), then I pretend it didn't happen. 2) I tend to over warn and set my ratings higher just to be on the safe side (of course the fact that most of my stories require the highest rating is neither here nor there). So please heed all warnings when deciding whether or not to read.

If anyone wants to expand any of my one-shots, write for one of my series, do a remix, make a podfic or even translate any of my posted stories please feel free to do so. I'd love for you to drop me a line (preferably in this post) with a link to where you posted it. That being said, please do not archive anything I've written. I prefer to keep my works where I can edit (or, heaven forbid, delete) them without having to ask a moderator for assistance.

New stories will be marked with an asterisk.

CSI: Miami )

Dark Blue )

Hawaii Five-O )

Stargate: Atlantis )

Three Rivers )

I can’t believe I’m doing this again but I’m not sure if I’ll be posting any more stories. My beta has flaked on me, again, and I’m tired of begging her to edit my stories. I’m currently working on a story for a friend, for way too many years now, and my beta doesn’t seem to care that I’ve set myself a deadline to get it done once and for all. If this was a story that just demanded to be told, not an issue; but since it’s for someone who has waited so very patiently for me to finish, it’s too much. So, if there’s anyone out there who’d be willing to edit my stuff just drop me a PM. Thanks.
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Author's Notes: A continuation of my previous Three Rivers story, A Thousand Kisses Deep. The opening scene just wouldn't leave me alone until I wrote it and it just grew from there.
Sequel/Series: A Thousand Kisses Deep
Summary: Andy learns something about his feelings for his Boy and it rocks him to his core.
Warnings: Dubious consent issues within an established BDSM relationship, flogging for pleasure and mentions of a past physically and sexually abusive relationship.
Spoilers: Brief mentions of Ryan's First Day and Code Green.

But his eyes… his eyes catch and hold my attention because they're extremely heavy-lidded and there's a soul-deep satisfaction in them that I've never seen in anyone's before. )
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Author's Notes: I'm very late to the party here but I fell for Alex O'Loughlin in Hawai'i Five-O and so went looking for his other shows. When I saw how Andy yelled at poor Ryan in Code Green I just had to write this. Title taken from the Leonard Cohen song of the same name.
Summary: Andy has to punish Ryan for breaking protocol.
Warnings: BDSM, spanking for punishment
Spoilers: Ryan's First Day andCode Green

And quiet is the thought of you, the file on you complete/Except what we forgot to do a thousand kisses deep )

Or read it on my website.
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Because of my new found obsession fascination with Alex O'Loughlin I downloaded the episodes of his second American series, Three Rivers. It wasn't until episode four, Code Green, that I actually noticed the bunny sitting in the corner. In the episode, Ryan, the impossibly young transplant coordinator, breaks protocol and gets his ass chewed by the yummy Dr. Andy Yablonski, Alex's character. During the rest of the episode I did my best to ignore the poor bunny but by the end it became clear that I couldn't. And so I now have a new fandom I'm writing in. Only problem with this is that the show has been canceled, duh since Alex is on H5O, and the fandom is all but dead. *sigh* Anyway, the poor bunny isn't my usual type in that Andy and Ryan are already in a relationship. And a BDSM one at that. That's right. That one scene of Andy yelling at poor little Ryan spawned a BDSM bunny. *head desk* There has to be something wrong with me, right?


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