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Author's Notes I: Hold mouse over highlighted text.
Author's Notes II: Despite this having every single one of Carter's scenes transcribed in it, I left out the sub plot with Ty's sister. I did this for two reasons. One, I think it's a stupid storyline, I mean c'mon. If her wrist was so bad off it needs to be pinned, she'd be wearing a brace or a temporary splint and certainly wouldn't be waving it around like she was. And two, it doesn't fit with the end of the case with the Kings as I have it written. In other words, it doesn't fit into my universe. So here, in this series, Ty is an only child.

In this moment I can see that Dean Bendis has always been one hell of a scary man. )

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Author's Notes I: The following is based very, very, very loosely on Bev's Sylum Clan Series. Thanks to Dru for the French translations, sometimes Babel Fish just doesn't cut it, ya know? It will be several parts long. I'm not sure how many and I'm still working on the second part. I will post as I get them finished. I learned several things while writing this one: 1) Male Highlanders didn't wear kilts in the 9th century. They wore a tunic-like garment called a léine. 2) If I actually put fingers to keyboard every day, the story will unfold pretty damn close to how it does in my head when I sleep at night. 3) If I don't want to write in a new fandom, I shouldn't introduce [personal profile] jetpack_angel to said fandom because she has a way of throwing bunnies at my head. 4) My muses are dirty, dirty, dirty boys. Okay, I already knew this but just thought I'd share it with all y'all. ;-P
Author's Notes II: Minor crossover with Stargate: Atlantis. For translations, hold mouse over the highlighted text.

“You're a dumbass, Dean McGillis.” )

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