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Title: Careful What You Wish For
Fandom: CSI: Miami
Pairing: Speed/Horatio/Eric
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Eric has a stressful week. Speed and Horatio decide to help him relax.

Eric's POV:

I slowly gain full wakefulness and am aware of several things at once; 1) the sun is shining almost directly on my face which leads me to 2) I'm not in my own bed, my bedroom does not get direct sunlight, 3) there is a warm naked body pressed against my back and 4) I have no idea who said naked person is.

I start to roll over in order to try and identify my bedmate when a warm, masculine hand lands on my right hip. Shocked that I'm naked in bed with a man, I freeze long enough for him, whoever he is, to take this as encouragement and begin to slowly slide his hand up my side. Before he gets anywhere near my nipples, I jump from the bed, pulling the comforter with me. Keeping my back to the bed and its occupant, I wrap the blanket around me toga-like. Then steeling myself with a deep fortifying breath, I turn and meet the sleep-bleary, and yet highly amused, blue eyes of my lieutenant, Horatio Caine.

"Oh, God," I groan in horror.

I slept with my boss!

Something of my emotions must show on my face because Horatio just chuckles while propping himself up on one elbow.

"Damn. Forgot he's a morning person," the sleep roughened voice of my best friend grumbles from the other side of Horatio as he sits up just enough to peer wearily at me over Horatio's shoulder.

"Speed?" I squeak on a loud swallow.

"Looks like he doesn't remember last night," Horatio twists his head around to say against Speed's lips.

After sharing a lazy kiss, Speed flops back down on his side of the bed and says, "So remind him."

"You don't want that pleasure?" Horatio asks.

"Nope. This is me, sleeping," Speed replies on a yawn.

"You heard him, Delko," Horatio purrs, turning back to me and giving me a look I never want to see on him. Ever again.

"Um," I stammer. "Just remembered I have something I have to do today," I lie before fleeing to the relative safety of the bathroom where I lock myself in before standing under the shower while trying to figure out how in the hell I ended up in bed with my best friend and our boss.


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