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Title: Preconceived Notions
Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Pairing: John/Rodney
Rating: NC-17
Author's Notes:
Sequel/Series: The Soldier and the Scientist.
Summary: Just some more John/Rodney smut. But did it ever really happen?

John's POV:

I want, I need, I lust…

And it's starting to get painful, the near constant erection I've had since laying eyes on one Dr. Rodney McKay, astrophysicist.

The worst part is he has no idea of the effect he has on me. In fact, he seems to be pretty much oblivious to anything that doesn't have to do with food or Ancient tech.

As we approach the village, I deliberately fall behind so I can stare at McKay's ass without anyone becoming aware of it. He has a great ass.

"Major?" Rodney's voice breaks through my daydream about pinning him to one of the trees that surround us and laying claim to that butt.

"Yeah, McKay?" I call back, pretending to be watching the ground under my boots when I'm really watching the flex and release of his ass muscles.

"Shouldn't you be out in front, you know, since you're the leader of this team and all?" he asks, slightly out of breath and flopping one hand around for emphasis.

I frown at the back of his head because even after almost a year of off world missions and a three times a week exercise program, he still tends to get winded too quickly for my peace of mind. Gotta remember to ask Carson if he's got asthma.

"Why? Don't you know where we're going, Doc?" Ford responds for me with laughter in his voice.

"Shut up, Lieutenant," I order, picking up my pace until I'm out in front. I glance back over my shoulder and notice they've fallen into what I call 'The Team Formation': me on point, Rodney right behind me, Teyla behind him and Ford brining up the rear.

"Better, McKay?" I ask when he meets my eyes.

"Yeah. I mean, you're here to protect me, right?" he grouses, dropping his gaze to watch where he's walking. "Can't very well do that from behind me, now can you?" That last is said so softly I doubt he meant for me to hear it.

"I'm here to protect the whole expedition, Rodney," I inform him.

"Whatever," he mutters.

I swallow a laugh, turning back around and continuing to lead my team into the village we're here to visit.

"Major Sheppard!" Karon, the village leader, calls out as we step out of the woods. "Welcome back, my friends!" he greets us each with a hug. Everyone returns his embrace, even Rodney, although he is a bit stiff and obviously uncomfortable with the touching. That will change, though, once I claim him.

"Karon, my friend," I return the greeting, following him to his hut. "How have you been?"

"Good. The Wraith did not take many this time," he responds, offering us a seat at his table. "That device that Dr. McKay taught the priestess to use works wonders," he continues, a smile in his eyes.

"I'm glad," I reply. "Speaking of the priestess…" I begin.

"No need. She has left instructions that Dr. McKay is to be escorted to her temple immediately upon his arrival," he states with a clap of his hands, summoning two burly guards to his side.

"Major…?" Rodney questions, rising hastily from his chair to my right.

I nod, even though I don't want to let him out of my sight.

"I'll keep my radio on," he says before I can make it an order, then all but runs from Karon's hut in the company of his two guards.

"Watch what you say and do, McKay," I remind him over the radio, having to resort to that communications mode with the way he just high-tailed it out of here.

"Please, Major," he snorts. "I'm not a child." His voice is tinny, but the annoyance is unmistakable.

That's debatable, I think, turning my attention back to our host.

"Major?" Ford calls for my attention. "I promised some of the children that I'd show them some self-defense moves," he explains, stepping towards the door.

"Sure. Go ahead," I say. "Teyla?" I turn to find her already leaving the room, deep in conversation with one of Karon's daughters. "Guess everyone is settled," I mumble, turning once again to my host.

"Karon?" a young man calls, stepping inside. "Sorry to interrupt, but there is a problem developing that requires your attention."

"Of course," the elder says, turning to me apologetically. "I am sorry, Major Sheppard. If you will excuse me?"

"Absolutely," I respond, rising to bow him out of the room.

"I shall be as quick as possible," Karon assures me easily. "Natal!" he calls out.

"Yes, Father?" a stunningly beautiful girl with long black hair and deep chocolate brown eyes enters the room and bows in the direction of her father.

"Please keep Major Sheppard company while I attend to some business," he instructs her over his shoulder, exiting the hut without waiting for her reply.

"Hello, Major Sheppard," she purrs, walking towards me, swaying her hips enticingly.

"Natal," I stammer awkwardly in return, fighting the urge to back away.

"How have you been?" she coos, coming to a stop just inches away from me.

"Good. I've been good. And you?" I force myself to be polite.

"Better, now that you are here," she answers, running the fingers of her right hand down my left arm.

"Why is that?" I ask, finally taking that step back and putting some much needed space between us so I can keep a wary eye on her.

"Because now you can inform my father of our plans to wed," she says, once again closing the gap between us.

"Excuse me?" I exclaim, grabbing her shoulders and gently easing her away from me. "Natal…" I start to correct her.

"Now that Anya is wed, there is nothing standing in our way." Her face lights up with excitement, her arms winding around my neck, succubus-like.

"We're not getting married," I inform her.

"Of course we are," she argues.

"Natal," I try again. "I'm not going to marry you."

"Why not?" she questions stubbornly, letting her arms fall back to her sides but still standing much too close. "Last time you were here, you said you wanted what Anya and Mikos have." She tilts her head to the side and lowers her brows in confusion.

"I'm sorry if you misunderstood," I apologize. "I meant I want to be that happy with the person I'm in love with."

"Are you saying that your heart is not free?" she asks her voice thick with disbelief.

I jump on the out she just gave me; no matter that it is the truth. "Yes. That's exactly what I'm saying."

"I had no idea, Major Sheppard. Please forgive me," she replies, mortification and…genuine happiness? in her voice, as she steps back giving me the space I need to breathe, if I still needed to breathe, that is. "I wish you all happiness with the one who holds your heart," she says, bowing gracefully and gliding from the room.

I breathe a sigh of relief at having dodged that one. Rodney would really have had a field day with me marrying the village leader's daughter.

I settle myself into one of the chairs in front of the fireplace to await Karon's return, but my peace is short lived as I hear raised voices from outside, the loudest belonging to Rodney. Damnit, what the hell has he done now? I'm on my feet and moving before the shouting can get any worse.

I step into the sunlight just in time to see a man big enough to make Teal'c look like a wimp force Rodney to his knees with a hand on his right shoulder.

"What's going on here?" I demand, walking up and tilting my head in an effort to meet Rodney's eyes. "I'll thank you to get your hands off my scientist," I request looking up at the guard.

"Zeal? What goes here?" Karon comes hurrying up to where we're all standing in the middle of the village square.

"This brick wall, here, objected to something I said to the priestess and so manhandled me out of the temple and back here," Rodney begins, trying to stand.

"Stay where you are, McKay," I hiss through gritted teeth.

"But, Major, my knees are starting to hurt," he whines.

"I really don't give a flying rat's ass, McKay. I told you…" I stumble to a stop when Rodney finally lifts his head to look at me.

The look in his eyes reminds me of the look in Joseph's just before the flames blocked my view.

"Zeal, I asked you a question," Karon says, stepping closer to Rodney and his 'guard'.

"He insulted her," Zeal grunts in reply.

"Who did he insult and how?" I ask. "And I'm going to tell you one more time; Get. Your. Hands. Off. My. Scientist," I snarl, stepping closer to Zeal and doing my best to keep my inner vampire in check.

I must have let it show somewhat, because Zeal takes one look at my face and steps more than arm's length away. As soon as the hand is lifted, Rodney reaches up to rub at his shoulder while attempting to stand.

"I believe I told you to stay on your knees, McKay," I remind him, my own hand falling onto his left shoulder.

"Major, really," he argues, looking up at me with Constance's best pouty look. The look she used to use to get her own way. But I can't allow it to sway me here, today. Maybe if we were alone…

I force those thoughts as far down as I can get them and turn to Karon. "I'm still waiting for my answer."

"If Zeal has escorted Dr. McKay here, then he has insulted the priestess," Karon states, wringing his hands nervously.

"McKay?" I bellow, my tone demanding answers. Now.

"It was nothing, really. I didn't even mean it," he rambles. "Seriously, Major. If you had heard what she said, you'd have done the same thing."

"I highly doubt that," I respond, giving his shoulder a squeeze.

He winces and tries to dislodge it. "In pain, here, Major!" he yelps when I tighten my fingers even more.

"I can tell you what happened," a soft voice responds.

"Patel?" Karon asks, stretching his neck to try and see behind Zeal.

"Yes, Father. Her Excellence wanted to make sure the truth was told."

Father? Just how many children does the man have?

"Why don't you step out from behind your guard and tell me exactly what happened," I request.

A small figure draped from head to toe in shapeless robes steps out from behind Zeal and faces me. Judging from the voice the figure is female, but her age is anyone's guess. The top of her head only comes to my mid-chest and because the hood of her robes completely covers her face, I can't see her features, including the color of her eyes. She has her arms folded across her mid-section with her hands tucked into the sleeves, as if wearing a muff.

"Patel, is it?" I question, stepping closer.

I prefer to be able to see the eyes of the person I'm talking to.

"Come no closer, Major Sheppard," she commands, stepping back behind Zeal.

I hold my hands up, palms out, in an attempt to soothe her. "Sorry. Just wanted to see your eyes, is all."

"No one may lay eyes on any of the priestess's handmaidens, Major," Karon informs me.

"Very well. If you'll just tell me what my scientist did?" I say, standing at parade rest.

"Dr. McKay was trying to take our sacred light," she begins.

"Oh, now that is so not true!" Rodney denies. "C'mon, Major. Do you really think…?"

I don't let him finish that sentence. "Yes, I do, McKay. We all know that you'd do almost anything for a ZPM."

"Hmph," he huffs and starts to roll to his feet. I place my hand back on his shoulder. "Major?" he questions, his tone heavy with confusion.

"I have not said you could get up," I lean over to hiss in his ear, my nostrils flaring as I catch a whiff of the perfume the priestess wore the first time I met her.

If he only knew how hard I'm fighting the urge to pick him up by the front of his shirt to slam him up against the nearest wall and make him mine.

"Exactly what did he do, Patel?" I turn back to the robed figure of the priestess's handmaiden.

"He…he…" she swallows loudly. "He touched her," she finishes in a whisper.

"Touched her, how?" I snap, squeezing Rodney's shoulder hard enough that my knuckles turn white.

"Sheppard!" Rodney screams at me, pulling at my wrist to try and get me to let go.

"Major Sheppard!" Patel scolds from the relative safety of Zeal's shadow. "You are hurting Dr. McKay."

"How did he touch her, Patel?" I ignore Rodney's struggles.

"He…" she pauses, then straightens her back and continues. "He was holding her hand and standing much too close."

Holding hands and standing close? I think, mentally rolling my eyes. How is that insulting?

"I've done this numerous times!" Rodney exclaims.

"Is this true?" I ask, narrowing my eyes as I fight my rising anger.

"If it is, I have not been privy to it," Patel sniffs.

"Oh, for God's sake. It's called shaking hands and hugging," Rodney sighs in aggravation. "I wasn't doing anything! I swear, Major. You have to believe me."

Karon steps forward, touching my arm to gain my attention. "The law says that no man may touch the priestess while in the presence of others."

I remove my hand from Rodney's shoulder and turn to face Karon, crossing my arms over my chest, wishing I had my P90 to rest my hands on, but I left it in Karon's hut. "I assure you that once we return home, Dr. McKay will be punished severely."

"He must be punished here, Major," Karon informs me. "He insulted our priestess so it is her right to punish him."

I blow out a frustrated breath. "Very well. What is the required punishment?"

"John!" Rodney screeches.

He chooses now, of all times, to use my name? I glare at his kneeling form.

"You can't let them…" he begins.

"You broke their law, Rodney," I remind him. "They have the right to demand any punishment they want," I hiss.

"The punishment will be of the priestess' choosing," Karon finally answers my question.

"And that would be…what exactly?" I prompt when he fails to continue right away.

Patel steps into my line of sight. "He must be insulted in a similar fashion."

Rodney shuffles around on his knees and grabs my forearm with both hands. "Please, John," he begs, looking up at me with genuine fear in his eyes.

"You choose now to drop all formality, Rodney? You broke their law. Be a man and take your punishment."

"Major…" he whispers, despair tingeing his tone.

Pulling my arm from his grasp I turn to face Karon and Patel. "He will do whatever is necessary."

"And you, Major?" Patel asks. "Are you willing to do what is required?"

Her question causes me to blink. Hard. "Excuse me? What do I have to do with McKay's punishment?" I answer incredulity thick in my voice.

"Major?" Rodney protests, a hint of nerves - and something more - in his voice. I glance at him, hoping to pin down that quaver, and discover he's used my distraction to gain his feet. I grit my teeth against my annoyance at that breech of orders.

He reaches out with one hand, only to pull it back when I shoot him a glare. He takes a step back but doesn't resume his former position on his knees. At my feet.

"Please," he states quietly. "Just take me back to Atlantis. Punish me there."

"Why, Rodney?" I ask, turning to face him. "Why are you so afraid of their punishment?" My gut clenches as images of what Rodney would consider the most insulting, and the most embarrassing, flash through my mind. I haven't known him long but he hasn't yet shied away from punishment when he felt it was deserved. The look he turns on me now tells me he knows this is deserved.

"You'd never understand," he replies.

"Try me," I counter impatiently.

"I refuse to suffer embarrassment just because some alien priestess' handmaiden took exception to my holding her hand!" he snarls but I can tell that's not the whole of it.

"I'm sorry you feel that way, Rodney, but I can't risk losing our alliance with these people," I inform him coldly. "You were told to watch what you touched."

"I knew you wouldn't understand," he snaps, bordering on insubordination.

"McKay…" I warn, stepping in close so I can speak without anyone else hearing. "If you don't shut up and take your punishment, I swear to God, I'll think of something else that'll most likely be even more embarrassing for you. And…" I get right in his face. "…I'll make sure all of Atlantis is present and that someone is taping it so that if we ever regain contact with Earth everyone there can see it as well." I step back and try my best to get a rein on my temper. "Am I clear?"

"Crystal, Major," he bites off each word. "Is that all?"

"Karon?" I question, turning once again to the village leader.

"If Dr. McKay will go with Zeal?" he gestures towards the burly guard whom I had forgotten was even present.

"Doctor?" I ask raising an eyebrow in Rodney's direction.

He takes a deep breath as if he's going to argue some more, then releases it slowly, his shoulders slumping all the while. "Very well, Major," is all he says, turning to follow Zeal back to the temple and his dreaded punishment.

Karon explains what the most likely punishment will be and I can see why McKay would object.

I'm to be privy to Rodney's greatest sexual fantasy.

When we arrive at the temple the priestess is waiting on the steps.

"Major Sheppard," she greets me, holding one hand in my general direction, palm facing me.

"Priestess," I return her greeting, matching her gesture, my hand stopping just inches from hers.

She smiles. "You remember. Unlike others," she says, glancing over my shoulder at Rodney.

"Of course. About McKay," I begin only to have her interrupt.

"Don't," her lips almost disappear when she presses them together. "There is nothing you can say to change my mind."

"I was only hoping to lessen his embarrassment. And mine as well. I do have to work beside him every day, after all."

"Sorry, Major, but my decision is final," she retorts before spinning on her heel and leading the way into the temple.

Once inside the temple Rodney and I are led in different directions.

"If you will disrobe and put this one, please," one of the Priestess' handmaidens, one I've yet to met judging by her voice, instructs, holding out a white woolen robe similar in design to the pale yellow one she's wearing, minus the face concealing hood of course. "Once you are finished please step through the door on the far wall," she continues before bowing her way out of the room.

Apparently I'm to be naked as well and while I have no qualms with that, I was born in 1484 after all, over the years I have done my best to adapt to modern notions of when it's appropriate to be naked. And this is not one of those times.

Having no choice, I strip and slip on the robe, piling my clothes on my boots with my gun hidden inside one. Not knowing what to expect, I step through the door and stop dead in my tracks at the sight that greets me.

The room is decidedly Ancient in design. There are two exam beds in the middle of the room surrounded by beeping machines. I recognize some but not all.

Rodney is lying on the bed on the other side of the room from me, covered by a sheet with electrodes stuck to his temples and upper chest.


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