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Author's Notes: Written for day nine of the [community profile] snowflake_challenge. It started out as a fluffy little thing about Steve and Grace keeping a secret from Danny and turned into…this. I'm sorry. Set in the future (Grace is fourteen) of Before Your Love and Because You Love Me. Might want to read those first.
Sequel/Series: Before Your Love and Because You Love Me
Summary: Steve and Danny have to come down hard on Grace.
Warnings: Mentions of a miscarriage that happens off screen.

Despite being quite grown up enough to stay home by herself, Grace doesn't like staying alone at night. Every little sound wakes her up. Usually she can identify it as the house settling or an animal outside but right now the sound that woke her is not any of the usual ones that she knows are harmless. No, this one is coming from inside the house and means someone broke in.

'They must have disabled the alarm,' she thinks, rolling from the bed before creeping as quietly as she can down the stairs.

When she gets to the bottom of the stairs she sees that the alarm has been deactivated by the main code. Steve's code. She breathes a sigh of relief because that means her dads are home.

Now that she's awake and satisfied she's not in any danger, she decides to find out what that noise is. Following it through the living room, she passes the dining room, the kitchen, Steve's office and comes to a halt outside the open laundry room door. "Papa?" she calls to the figure standing in front of the washing machine.

He jumps like he's just received a jolt of electricity, then spins around to grin sheepishly at her. "Hey, Baby Girl. What're you doing up?"

"Someone's banging around down here and it woke me."

"Sorry." He twists around to finish turning on the washer then ushers her out of the room, shutting the door behind him. "So, what's up?" Grace has known Steve McGarrett a long time and she's beginning to suspect he's hiding something from her.

"I could ask you the same thing." She raises one brow in a move she learned from her mother.

"Uh…" Steve scratches the back of his head.

"Is that blood!?" she exclaims, grabbing his arm and holding it still so she can examine the smallish patch of dried blood on the underside of his wrist.

He growls low in his throat. "How'd I miss that?" he mutters. She glares at him and looks so much like her father that Steve has to swallow hard around the lump that has formed at the thought of his sweet Baby Girl growing up. "It's not mine." He winces when she digs her nails into his skin. "And it's not Danno's either!" When she lets him go, he rubs the spot and pouts at her. But she just rolls her eyes at him because she knows she didn't really hurt him.

"So whose blood is it? That suspect you went tearing off after earlier?"

Taking her by the upper arm, Steve leads her back toward the living room. "Yeah."

"What'd you do, Papa?"

He stops and turns her to face him. "What makes you think I did anything?"

"So I'm to believe that he just bled all over you of his own free will?"

"I didn't lay a finger on him. I swear!"

"Mmhm. Full immunity will only get you so far, Papa. One of these days you won't be able to get away with it."

"So, you're saying you don't believe I didn't touch him?"

"If you're going to try and tell me that Danno did it, then, no, I don't believe you."

"What didn't I do, Monkey?" Grace squeals at the sound of her father's voice before spinning to face him.

"She doesn't believe I didn't beat up our suspect," Steve says over her head and she manages to turn her head enough to catch the tail end of some motion Steve's making, obviously trying to tell Danny something he doesn't think she needs to know.

"Steve's right, Gracie. He didn't hurt our suspect."

"Danno!" Grace exclaims because obviously if Steve didn't cause the guy to bleed then Danny must have.

"I didn't hurt him either. Stupid idiot tried to run and tripped over his baggy jeans. Busted his nose when he face planted on the sidewalk."

"Oh." That makes her feel better. She doesn't like thinking of her Danno and Papa getting in trouble for police brutality.

"Would serve the two of you right if someday some DA objected to your interrogation tactics." She stubbornly keeps her eyes on Danny while speaking.

"You planning on being the one?" Danny asks, one brow raised.

"Maybe," she hedges. Truth is, she's decided to become a cop and join the task force but since she's only fourteen, her dads won't take her seriously. Yet. They'll just bring up how four years ago she wanted to be a marine biologist. Until she realized how much science is involved.

"Oh, Baby Girl,-" Steve puts his arm around her shoulders. "-I'm fairly certain that Danno and I won't still be working by the time you become a DA."

"It doesn't take that long-" she begins only to have Steve interrupt her with, "It takes longer than you think before you'd be prosecuting any cases. Trust me." She concedes the point with a sigh.

"Not to change the subject or nothing-" Danny puts his arm around her shoulders from the other side. "-but why're you up at 3 am?"

"Papa was making a lot of noise and you know I don't sleep well when I'm home alone."

Danny lightly smacks Steve's arm with the back of his hand. "I told you to be quiet. Some ninja SEAL you are."

"I was as quiet as I could be. Is it my fault she's a light sleeper?"

Danny rubs circles on her upper back. "Alright, Monkey. We're home. You're officially off the clock. Back to bed with you."

"Night, Danno." She kisses Danny's cheek, feeling slightly awkward at not having to lean up to do so. "Night, Papa." Steve's cheek also gets a kiss before she skips up the stairs and out of sight. She pauses where they can't see her but she can still hear them because she's hoping they'll talk about why Steve really has blood on his wrist.

"I think we should tell her. She'd understand, D."

"Shelly asked us not to, Steve. I, for one, plan on honoring my sister's wishes in this."

'Aunt Shelly's here? And hurt?' Grace thinks with a touch of sadness tinged with anger that Aunt Shelly doesn't think she's old enough to understand whatever it is.

"But Danny-" Steve tries again.

"No, Steve. This is the very reason she didn't want anyone to know she agreed to be our surrogate."

Surrogate!? The word isn't completely unfamiliar to Grace. She remembers back when Steve and Danny first got together they discussed having a kid or two of their own and they mentioned Steve being the biological father. 'Guess Aunt Shelly agreed so the baby'd be related to them both. And me.' The thought makes Grace happy. She's wanted to be a big sister for a long time and Rachel and Stan aren't showing any signs of ever giving her a sibling. But Danny and Steve are obviously very intent on making that one wish come true for her.

"When can we try again?" Steve asks, pulling Grace's attention back to the conversation below. "Or do you just want to adopt?"

"Shelly said couple of months."

"So you want to try again?"

"Heaven help me, but yes, I want a rugrat that looks like you."

"It could favor your side, ya know."

"Yeah, but something tells me your genes are dominant and will overpower mine. Er, Shelly's. You know what I mean!"

"Yeah, I do."
There's a long moment of silence and Grace begins to think they've gone outside or are kissing. Just as she's about to get up and head back to bed, she hears Steve say, "I just hate lying to Grace. I'm sure she can keep it a secret."

"I know, Babe. After the past several years, I think we've used up our share of secrets to keep from her. But this isn't just out secret. Shelly has her reasons and we need to respect them."

"Yeah, okay,"
Steve grumbles but Grace knows he doesn't agree with keeping her in the dark and it makes her love him all the more.

"Shelly's going to go back to Jersey for a couple of months, then come back. Hopefully the next time will go to term." Until those words left Danny's mouth, Grace hadn't truly grasped that the blood on Steve's wrist was Aunt Shelly's or that there was no suspect; that the reason they ran out of the house before dinner was even over was because Aunt Shelly was miscarrying the baby - her brother or sister.

She clamps both hands over her mouth to stifle the sobs that are climbing the back of her throat and walks on her knees as fast as she can back to her room. Shutting the door, she leans back against it, buries her face in her knees and gives over to the grief that she won't be allowed to share with her dads. She cries for the sibling she'll never know, for Aunt Shelly having to go through this and for Steve and Danny for not being able to seek comfort from their ohana.

But Danny said Aunt Shelly wants to try again. Surely she wouldn't if the doctors didn't think that the next time would go to term. She has a few friends whose moms have had miscarriages, not that she knew what that was at the time, and so she knows that sometimes these things just happen.

The thought that Aunt Shelly wants to try again should thrill her, but it doesn't. Because trying again means that the first time failed and that is just not acceptable in her book. She starts crying harder and ends up crying herself to sleep right where she's sitting.

Part two

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Oh sadness! I wonder if they or Shelly plan of telling Grace and how she reacts

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Oh no :*( our poor boys and Gracie!


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