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A year later, Grace is awakened by Danny roughly shaking her. "Wake up, Monkey. It's time."

"Time?" She knuckles the sleep from her eyes and blinks at the clock, trying to see what time it is.

"Yeah. Shelly's water broke. Let's go. C'mon." He pulls back her covers and grabs her hand to help her out of bed. "Don't bother putting anything on right now. Just bring it along," He says when she reaches for her jeans.

"I don't have time to get dressed?"

"No. Steve took her to the hospital about an hour ago and just called saying that she's close."

It bothers her that they didn't wake her when Shelly first went to the hospital but is glad that they want her there for the birth. "Okay." She balls her jeans and a shirt up and follows Danny out to the car.

At the hospital, a nurse urges Danny into a room where she can hear Aunt Shelly grunting in pain. "Grace?" Danny turns to her. "You want to be present?"

She thinks about it but decides she'd rather not know that mush about where her brother or sister comes from. "I'll pass, thanks." Pointing off to her right she asks the nurse, "The waiting room that way?" The nurse nods. "I'll wait in there. Come get me when it's time to meet my sibling."

"Alright. Keep an eye out for Chin, Kono and Malia."

"Will do."

The rest of her ohana shows up about twenty minutes later and catch her fighting to not fall back asleep. Sleep is pushed from her mind by the arrival of her play cousins, Alexandria and Scott Kelly. Playing with them in the waiting room reminds her of when she sat in this very same waiting room waiting for them to be born.

Kamekona keeps everyone supplied with food and Auntie Cath keeps everyone entertained with stories of Steve from before he met Danny.

After what feels like an eternity, but is really just two hours, Danny enters the room and motions to Grace. "There's someone who'd like to meet you."

Grace follows Danny through the hall to a room full of machines that each hold a tiny baby. "I know the baby is early. Is it okay?"

"Just fine. The incubator is just a precaution." Danny stops next to a sink. "You need to wash first and wear this smock." He then proceeds to show her how to wash her hands and then helps her into the smock.

Once inside the room, he leads her over to where Steve is standing between two of the machines. Inside each is a small baby and while it's obvious they were born early, they're not nearly as small as some of the others. "Grace," Steve whispers, holding out one hand for her to take. "I'd like you to meet your brother and sister." He points at the machine on his left first. "John David McGarrett-Williams." Then the one on his right. "Olivia Katrina McGarrett-Williams."

"Twins!?" She gives a tiny squeal and coos over her brother first and then, for longer, her sister. "They are so cute!" She looks up at Steve. "How on earth did you keep this a secret?"

"None of us knew. John David here was hiding his sister."

"Protecting her, even in the womb," Grace says, turning back to gaze lovingly down at where John David is sleeping sweetly.

"Since they're twins the doctors consider them full term. But because they're small, they have to stay here, in the NICU for a few days. Then we can take them home."

"Our family is now complete, right, Papa?" Grace turns to wrap her arms around Steve's waist and give him a hug.

"Our family was complete with just the three of us. It's even more complete now, though."

"Love and family. That's what it's all about." Danny wraps his arms around Steve and Grace. Grace's heart swells with love for her dads and her new siblings. Her family is now complete and Danny's right: love and family is what it's all about.

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all this was just great. Twins and now the family is (even more) complete.

Excellent story and I look forward to more from this 'verse (maybe?)


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